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Summary: A key part of privacy protection is knowing whether your personal information is for sale on the dark web—an anonymous realm where cybercriminals lurk. Learn more about how IDX's CyberScan searches all layers of the web, including the dark web, so you’ll see immediately if your personal data has been breached. It gives you valuable time to keep identity fraud from happening.



How the IDX CyberScan tool proactively monitors all layers of the web to protect your personal information against compromise

If your personal information were to become compromised as part of a data breach, you’d want to know immediately. Not weeks or months after the fact, but right away, so you can take quick, decisive action to prevent identity fraud.

That’s the premise behind CyberScan from IDX. Included with IDX Privacy and IDX Identity memberships (and available in a free email-monitoring trial), CyberScan is a surveillance engine that continually monitors all layers of the web—from the surface web we all use, to the dark web where cybercriminals roam—to alert you if your personal information has been put at risk.

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The following information is provided by IDX, please check out the information to protect your identity from cyber thiefs online. Identity theft is a serious crime that is occurring to often these days. It doesn't have to be that way if you learn how to protect yourself online. 

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