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Two FREE Online Marketing Secrets YOU can use now.


Hi Gang!  I am George Pierce, I have about 20 years of online experience and do my best to share what I have learned. I like to use poker for analogies that are relative to online marketing because there are many similarities. 


One of the secrets to poker success is folding! 

Most new poker players play too many hands. Poker is like investing, so invest your chips in hands that have potential and fold the ones that don't.  

Most new Internet Marketers try too many things all at once.  This problem is called SOS or Shiny Object Syndrome. I am not letting you off the hook, but there are an almost endless amount of Shiny Objects that newbies are being convinced that they need.  All these tools and opportunities can have devastating results.  

To combat this dilemma, be particular about how you invest your time and do not waiver.  As far as spending your money, do NOT spend your money...not until your online biz or venture can afford it.  I have put together a list of free resources that can help you with YT or Affiliate Marketing. 

My ULTIMATE LIST of FREE resources for YouTube and for Affiliate Marketing



The ones that win at poker are labeled 'aggressive'.  Aggressive players are the ones who gain INFORMATION.  For example, when you get a good poker hand, RAISE!  There is math to back up what I am sharing, and math to back up why you should raise, but the advantage of a raise allows you to gain information.  If you call, you gain no information, but when you raise, you will gain information about the strength or weakness of your opponents' hands and perhaps a tell or two as well.  

As a new Internet Marketer, one of many of my mistakes was not being aware of the value of information.  You and I can be eyeball-deep in data in seconds and for free.  I am not talking about visitor data, yes that is helpful, but the data that I am referring to is the kind of data that will help you with deciding which niches to invest your time in and which ones to fold.  Surprisingly, they will also improve visitor data such as lowering bounce rate and keywords.  

The kind of information that I am talking about is called Niche Research.  Nowadays there are free tools available that make it easy to do your research, the tools pretty much do all the work.  Every newbie needs to learn and use niche research as soon as possible.  

I invite you to watch my video on Niche Research.

These two secrets are, of course, not all you need to know, but they will help you to get off to a much better start.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce







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  • Top Commentor

    Thank you George.  There are so many opportunities out there, good ones, that it's hard to stay focused.  But I understand the object is to be successful at one thing, then add others.  This is excellent advice to do research and improve your skills.   

    My son was five years old singing the Kenny Rogers song, "The Gambler" he memorised the words.  I loved that song when it came out. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I love that song too.  Most people remember the part about knowing when to hold them and fold them, and just before that,  the gambler says,  "If you're gonna play the game, boy, you gotta learn to play it right".  That is pretty good advice, thank you, Robin.  

  • Top Member

    This post is packed with a lot of beneficial information. I like the illustration using poker. You fold or hold them. Niche research can help you. I always do a Google search on a business and put the word scam in parenthesis. This will pull up all the reviews about it. This is very helpful in making a wise decision on joining or not. Research is key!!! 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I do the same with the word complaints, although some complaints are bogus (from competitors), if a biz is bad there will probably be a long list.  Thank you, Terri.

    • Top Member

      That's a new one to try. I always use the word (scam) and now I will be using the one you recommended too. Thank you George. 

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