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Unlimited Residual Income Can Be Yours

Unlimited Residual Income Can Be Yours

In this short article, I'm going to show you how it is possible for anyone to achieve success in the affiliate marketing arena.  Sadly, we hear that over 95% of those who start online marketing eventually fail.  I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that.  If it's true, we don't really need to know why that is so.  There are probably many different reasons why people fail.  Some don't believe in themselves.  Some just never get the right training.  Some lack the focus necessary to develop a business.  But whatever the reason(s) for failure, for those who have the desire to succeed, it is very possible to earn a full-time income in the affiliate marketing niche.  So what is required if one is going to succeed online?  

Well, there are a couple of obvious things.  You need to figure out your 'why'.  In other words, you have to have a reason, and hopefully a very good reason, for taking the plunge into the affiliate marketing world.  Those who don't possess a strong motivation to succeed are not, as in most areas of life, likely to last very long in the online marketing world.   


Next, you need to know what you are doing!  So many find out the hard way that you can waste a lot of time, effort and money trying to promote an affiliate platform.  Even if the program you're involved with has stood the test of time, consistently pays and is stable and reliable, those things by themselves do not assure that you will succeed in promoting such a program.

You need to be focused.  So many of us, especially starting out, fell victim to the 'shiny object' syndrome.  You know, jumping from program to program hoping that, this time, the new program is the one that will propel you to online success.  Most of us know that the 'shiny object' syndrome is a recipe for failure.  Trying to do too many things very quickly becomes overwhelming.  And as we all know, a 'jack-of-all-trades' is the master of none.  Jumping around from program to program leads nowhere.  You need a roadmap that points clearly in the direction of your goal and you need to stay on that road!  

Now, if all of the aforementioned issues have been covered, there is one key element that will determine whether an individual will succeed or fail.  We have all heard the maxim "the money is in the list".   This is the key.  Without a contact list, the chances of success are really not very good.  Why?

Well, the answer is really very simple.  Imagine for a moment that you have your affiliate link and you are driving traffic to that link in traffic exchanges or safelists or by way of classified ads.  You have a very attractive splash page that is effective in attracting prospects to, at least, take a look at your offer.  At this point, you have to realize a critical element which, if you fail to account for it, will inevitably lead to your failure as an online marketer.  The simple truth is that, statistically, prospects do not make the decision to buy or to join someone's business until, on average, they have been exposed to the offer at least seven times!  What this means is that if you have your affiliate link out there, a prospect looks at your offer, but just moves have lost that prospect forever!  If you don't have a way to follow up with the person who has looked at your offer, you will forever be spinning your wheels.  So, to be very blunt, do it the right way or don't do it at all.  If you do not have an effective autoresponder with a good email follow-up series, the harsh reality is that you are not really in the business of online marketing.


So how do you follow up?  Here is where the key ingredient comes in.  You must have a way to capture your prospect's contact information so that you can follow up.  Most of us know that is done by way of what is called a Lead Capture Page.  A prospect, in order to look at your offer, must fill in, at a minimum, a valid email address in order to look at your offer.  A good way to entice a prospect to give up their email address is by offering something of value, usually a free gift, that will help them in their online business.  Once you have the prospect's email address you have a way of following up with that person.  You do that with what is called an autoresponder.  An autoresponder gives you the ability to send the prospect a series of email follow-up messages where the prospect can be exposed, repeatedly, to your offer.  In other words, instead of just looking at your offer one time only and then moving on, the prospect can see the offer (or other offers you wish to send to them) again and again if they stay on your list.  Properly maintained, your list can provide you with sales over and over and over again!


Now, for some, especially if you are new to the online marketing world, the idea of lead capture pages, autoresponders, email follow-up series, can appear to be, at least, somewhat daunting.  Did you know that there are now done-for-you systems whereby you, and your followers, can simply plug in and play?   The good new is that, yes, we are offering a very simple, three step process, where you can do just that...plug in and play.  Everything we have  talked about...lead capture pages, autoresponder and a 30 day email follow-up series (essentially an e-course that takes months and months off the learning curve) are all done-for-you!  Your only job, once you have plugged into the platform, is to drive traffic to the link.  We even show you where you can find the best traffic sources!  

Are you serious about the potential for a five figure monthly online income?  If so, take a look at our 3-step, done-for-you plan.  We think that, once you see it, you're going to get very excited.  The program is simple.  That means that you can easily pass it on to others who can pass it on to others and so on.   Here's the link:

The Three Steps to Unlimited Income




To Your Infinite Success,

Grant Edward Rayner

London, Ontario, Canada



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    This is a superb combination, one that will work for anyone.  Thanks, Grant.

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    This press release is packed with great tips to succeed as an affiliate/network marketer. I always say "Relationship is the key to success." 

    When you have a WHY that's 99%, then you'll succeed when the things are not going well because your why will be strong enought to propel you to consistently do your work. Thank you Grant for sharing this information in the SE community. All the best for you and blessings my friend. 

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