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What Exactly IS a Leaky Gut & Do You Have One?

You may remember hearing that old quote from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who said, "All disease begins in the gut."

Oh Boy, we are seeing Millions of people who display symptoms of "a leaky gut" ! This is dismal news for people unless they realize that THEY ARE IN CONTROL of their own health, and, realize that leaky gut syndrome

We have already learned that our Gut is also called a M
icrobiome, and it is made of literally trillions of good and bad bacteria. When you have a leaky gut, the toxins and bad bacteria are literally leaking into your bloodstream, leading to poor overall health and well-being. In many cases, leaky gut may have been going on for years or even decades on the inside of one's GI tract. Additionally, we have little hairs standing up inside our intestines called Villi. They have nerve endings on the top and each one goes through the intestinal wall and carries the nutrition from your waste into your organs and bloodstream. When you Gut and Intestines are clogged and not working, these Villa get stuck in "gunk" attached to your intestinal wall and STOP FUNCTIONING.

Many of you will remember hearing that Grandma or Grandpa had "hardenning of the Arteries. In fact, when they passed away it was discovered that their Intestines were filled with Gunk and their VILLI were not working and so their intestines "hardened! In fact, they may have been "Grumpy". AND today, many people are "Grumpy" because they too have Leaky Gut Syndrome which affects the Intestines too! In fact, one of the 1st symptoms of Leaky Gut is Depression, Emotional Turmoil and a Brain that looses its ability to function properly!!


Easing the Distress in Your Own Personal MicroBiome alleviates a multitude of syptoms INCLUDING your brain. There are pruducts that can hack your system to get gut healing SCFAs into your GI tract for an amplified sense of wellbeing.

The secret ingredient is Tributyrin. Tributyrin is three butyrate molecules attached to a glycerol molecule, and that glycerol backbone allows the butyrate to get to the colon functioning healthfully again!

Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced in the colon from undigested portions of vegetables (aka fiber). SCFAs, including butyrate, are produced by friendly gut bacteria and are the main source of energy for the cells lining your colon.

Due to increased consumption of highly-processed, low-fiber foods rich in sugar, lower levels of butyrate are increasingly observed in the large intestine. Therefore, butyrate supplementation holds potential as a means to improve gut health.

Here are the Signs of an Unhealthy Gut Biome

aplgo icon dot Food intolerances
aplgo icon dot Autoimmune conditions
aplgo icon dot A diet high in sugar and processed foods
aplgo icon dot Skin irritation, including acne and eczema
aplgo icon dot Sleep disturbances and/or constant fatigue
aplgo icon dot Unintentional weight gain or loss without notable dietary or lifestyle changes
aplgo icon dot Frequent upset stomach, including diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn and/or constipation

These symptoms can indicate other health issues as well. But if you experience two or more together, you may be living
with the consequences of an unbalanced gut biome.


If you are somone you know would like to learn more about our family of products that Create and Maintain Wellness in YOUR personal MicroBiome, please contact me at 512.472.2604 (no text) for a confidential consulation or visit



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RS Mallory has 30 years of Full Time marketing Experience after a 25 year career as a teacher, spending years as an Advocate for Distributors, training, traveling and building teams.

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    This is beneficial information and I have learned about this. You never know and it's because you're educating people about Leaky Gut. 

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      Terri, grateful that you find this information helpful. So many people are not well and don't know WHY or WHAT it is. Leaky Gut is essentially the root of all dis-ease!


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