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Yes! You Can Get On Page 1 Of GOOGLE Search Free



Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce, I have 20+ years of online experience, and I share what I have learned.  Above is a snapshot of a Google search that I made in answer to a question.  The question was "Air date?".  I know it was June of 1989 but I did not know the exact date, and, of course, Google knows, thus the above search.  The air date was June 14th by the way, but the reason that I am sharing this is that the video on PAGE ONE is from a NEW CHANNEL!  

In addition to the video being on page one of Google search, the Reddit link is MY brand new Reddit Group.  The result is that this video from a new channel is showing up TWICE on page one, Reddit being a bonus.  Even if you are new, you can do this.  


What I want to share with you is briefly HOW you too can make this happen for your website and/or channel.

Two simple ingredients will help you to get on page one for free and one simple strategy.

The simple strategy is that the easiest and, as you can see, the fastest way to get on Page One Of Google Search is by way of YouTube.  In other words, if you have a website, when you create content for your site, use that content as the basis of a video.  If making videos does not appeal to you, the good news is that video creation is easy, especially with the use of AI.  In addition, there is no need to be in front of a camera or to do a voice-over. There are free sites that you can use for AI creation, such as Fliki, and there are free video editors that will compare with paid ones, such as Clipchamp and ShotCut.   There is no need to spend money, and once you try it, your only regret will be that you did not start sooner.

The two simple ingredients are 

#1 Content that your viewers or visitors want.

#2 Keywords

You can use niche research to help you with both.  Most of us are guilty of posting content or publishing videos that we believe our visitors or viewers want and content that we want. To get on page one, you need to create what your audience wants.  Niche research takes the guesswork out of determining what your audience wants, it will tell you exactly.  In addition, niche research will help you to find keywords.  Keywords are the words that people who are interested in your content are using to find it.  The keywords that you want to focus on are the ones with good search and less competition.  Two free tools that will help you with niche research are Ubersuggest and TubeBuddy.  I am a long-time user of both, so I attest that they are great.  What makes these tools so helpful is that they will do most of the work including comparing search volume, keyword strength, and competition, and coming up with an overall score as to which keywords will help you most.  The lower the score with Ubersuggest, the better.  The higher the score with TubeBuddy, the better.  I have created a  free Niche Marketing Training video which I invite you to watch for step-by-step details. 

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  The new channel is one of two new YouTube channels that I have created based on an adaptation of the Faceless Video strategy, which is a way to make money on  YouTube without having to make videos, without having to be on camera, without having to spend money.  It is an easy 3 step process that I have laid out in detail, anyone can do this.  If you are struggling to make money online or if you are considering working from home, I invite you to watch my Facelless Video Training video. 

PPS. Creating content that your audience wants benefits you twofold.  Visitors STAY on your web pages, viewers keep watching your videos.  Not only is this what you want, but it also sends a loud and clear signal to Google and YouTube that people like your content, so they are much more likely to share your content, and, getting on page one of Google or YT search means a lot of free exposure.  






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