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Your WHY! Explained


Hi All! I am George Pierce.  This post is about what is called your WHY.  If you are actively pursuing success, or considering seeking success, one of the things that you will be told that you need is a WHY.  Your WHY is the reason that you want to succeed.  That is pretty simple, and that is the problem. 

Most of us, and I am among the guilty, think of money as our reason for wanting or needing success.  What this means is that your WHY becomes your monetary goal.  Your WHY becomes so many hundreds or thousands or millions of dollars or whatever currency might apply. 

That is wrong.

Your WHY is going to help motivate you and, on occasion, you will need a strong WHY to persist.  One of the secrets to your success at anything is persistence, and your WHY is a secret ingredient that will enable you to persist. 

Instead of money as your WHY, dig a little deeper. 

In other words, what is that money going to help you to be able to do?  Go back to school, get a better car, take a vacation, etc.  Whatever your answer, go one more step!??

What is that money going to help you to be able to do, your next step is... How will you ENJOY your WHY? 

What you want to be able to do is to see yourself in possession of your WHY.  Seeing yourself in possession is, in itself, going to help you (your brain to manifest your Why), and it is going to allow you to put more of your senses to work.  You want to SEE yourself in your new car, breathe in that new car smell, feel the ride, hear the engine, and so on. 

Make your WHY vivid and EXPERIENCE your WHY, make that experience as real as possible, and enable your senses to enjoy every aspect.  

Money is nice, but it is just a tool, your real reason for wanting that money is your find your WHY and bring it to life in your mind.  You will be helping yourself to persist and to attract.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

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    Your why is NOT about money. Your why will make you cry when you figure it all out. You must know your why before you start on your journey. The money will come when you figure it out. It takes time and many people need money now. You must lose your money agenda as well. It's not about the money, it's about why you want it. Thank you George for letting people know the importance of having their why.

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