Bitcoin Price in 2022: What is Happening?

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Revisiting my thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC)...Was I right again?

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  • Certainly been a wild ride. I'm holding on but not buying right now.

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      I think many people are doing the same thing too. It's good to see you in the SE community. How are you?

    • Interesting year. Cataract and Dental surgeries. Insurance business way up. Older sister passed away. 17 year old son got assaulted at work. Overall blessed in many ways. How are you doing?

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    Thanks, Terri.  When things drop, it is often time to buy.  

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      I agree with you on that George. I know this is what will happen. People should be preparing for when it goes back up. 

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    Informative video about the future of Bitcoins and Crypto. Take a L@@K so you can make an informed decision about your future in this Cryptocurrency market. 

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