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    Excellent video presentations, thanks, Nigel.  

  • Top Member

    Nothing is free in this world. How can you make money on something that's free. of course there is an upgrade. You can see programs like this all over internet. What is the product?

    • The initial product is leveraged list building, you can message many members from the back office, and primary staking of our own WESAbundance token. There is no initial outlay needed, we pay you $5 just to get set up and do yor KYC. You will also get a free upgrade into the business builder for one month. All you need to do then is give away free coupons for $3 commissions.

      We also have an ads-for-life plan for $5.

      You can add your own money to speed things up, but not essential.

    • Top Member

      Thanks for the explanation, people need to know this information, just like me I needed to know more and it will encourage people to watch the video. However I'm not looking to join any programs like this right now.  

    • You are welcome. I hope to post even more​ soon.

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