Relying On the Keyword Planner Data – How effective is the Keyword Planner tool?

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http://realincomesuccess.comRelying On the Keyword Planner Data – How effective is the keyword Planner tool? The Keyword Planner tool is a free and effective Keyword research tool for beginners as well as advanced users. It provides rich keyword results that anyone can use! The Keyword Planner categorizes keywords in three types, Low competition keywords, Medium competition keywords, and High competition keywords.The common rule of thumb is: Target low competition keywords from the Keyword Planner because high competition keywords are tough to rank. But don’t rely too heavily on the Keyword Planner data. Why? Because what seems to be highly competitive, the same keyword may be an ideal option to rank higher because if that keyword is competitive in the Keyword Planner, that means more and more advertisers are bidding for that particular keyword. The result is, you have an opportunity to possibly rank higher by crafting your content around that keyword. This could affect your site’s authority and page ranking in a very positive way. If you are pursuing an online business, then let me help you if you're struggling or just aren't sure of how to get started. You can learn more about it here:http://realincomesuccess.comContact me:YouTube: Abundant IncomeFacebook: Page:

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