The thoughts of Microdac: The paths we take in Life.

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The thoughts of Microdac:We are where we are today because of the paths we have taken in life.The decisions we have made brought us here.We can't do anything...

This is a video introducing a friend of mine...  He learned photography in the Navy & improved his skills all these years because he discovered the gift God had provided him with...  Much of his work can be seen from Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia Beach for the backdrop...  So much of his work is Stunning...  He gave me permission to use his photos for my agardebofmanyseeds site on Facebook...  You can find him there also... 
Thoughts of Microdac...

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    Thanks, Linda.  This is my first exposure to Microdac and it has been worth it.  

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    That's Microdac...  Sorry I misspelled that...  :(


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