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Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's give away is based on most  'user-friendly' and is based on my opinion.  

100% Free Autoresponder and 100% Free Web Hosting.

Allow me to share with you, how it happened that I have become quite qualified in 'free' and in free hosting and free autoresponders.

Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the Internet (about 20 years ago), I was a new and aspiring Internet Marketer.  One of the first sites that I created was a web hosting review/ comparison site. 

Back then, some hosting was excellent while some hosting was actually very poor.  Today, that is different, in that all hosting (as far as I know) is excellent. 

Of course, my hosting review site was also going to reveal the fact that free hosting was terrible.


I was not about to bash free hosting without first doing the research.  To my surprise, I learned that free web hosting sites provided excellent hosting, even though there were free.  At that time, free hosting had a bad reputation which I soon discovered was unfounded.

In fact, a few years later, Weebly (still an excellent web host) really turned things around for free hosting by coming up with the most user-friendly site builder at the time and this free host was ranked 8th best (almost 15 years ago).  Back then, Weebly was miles ahead of everyone and stayed that way for several years. 

My point is that I ask you to not fall into the trap that I almost fell into...that trap is thinking that free equals poor quality or low value. 

My favorite free web host is 000Webhost.   One of the reasons is that if you upgrade, your cost will be under $4 per month for virtually unlimited hosting.  000 has an outstanding site builder, but that is not the web host that this post is about.

Because there is a site builder that is by far the best.  This site builder reminds me of Weebly's in that it is miles ahead of the competition.

The site builder is by Wix dot com and I believe it is the best site builder and the most user friendly and intuitive site builder on the Internet.  The free version has a limit of 500MB of storage and bandwidth which is a good fit for many YouTubers and small businesses.  There is a negative that I want to point out and that is that upgrading is relatively expensive.  Wix upgrades typically range from $17 to $28 per month.

But Wix does offer a 100% free site along with excellent hosting and a site builder that is so friendly that it can help anyone to create an outstanding professional site with zero experience and no technical skills. 

If you are an aspiring IM,  stick with me, I will be getting to a suggestion soon that may be a perfect fit for you.

Wix is literally drag and drop easy.  The site builder allows you to add or create almost any feature or option, even on the free version.  The end result is that the site builder is so intuitive that you can create the site of your dreams  and you will also discover that your
creation is easy and surprisingly fast.


Above is a snapshot of the dashboard of one of my Wix sites.  On the left hand column, you can hover over the icons to add text, media, apps, etc. as well as change your menu, background, pages and so on.  Notice other features such as the social media icons, built in slider, auto updating menus, outstanding headers, and more.

Below is the home page as you would see it if you were a visitor (reduced in size for this post).


FYI:  One of the sliders is an animated slider...you cannot see it here, but it was absolutely no problem to add this, and again this is the free version.  The footer is easy and auto updates site wide.

On the Join Us Page notice the sign up form.


As you can see, this form is powered by Free Follow Up dot com.

There are two things that seem consistent with free autoresponders.  Nearly all free autoresponders are NOT user-friendly and nearly all have limits.  Go past their limit and nearly all of these autoresponders go from free to expensive. 

Free Follow Up is free, 100% free, and it stays free with NO Limit on your subscribers.    Best of all it is user-friendly.  My opinion is that it is probably the most user-friendly free autoresponder.
I also like that Free Follow Up also allows you to edit your confirmation email, most do not.

One negative is that the email queue holds 20 emails, but if you want more, just send Free Follow Up an email. 

Today's Give Away!

The best free webhosting on the Internet and the best free autoresponder.
Wix.com Logo


 Wix Logo Courtesy of Maschab / Public domain  Wikimedia Commons 




Aspiring IM's

There is an inexpensive option that I use and love and I believe that you will too.  It is AIOP which stands for All In One Profits.  AIOP provides you with a full blown website as well as an unlimited autoresponder, training, premade landing pages and campaigns, product with 100% commission (optional), and AIOP can even close your sales if you choose.  The cost is $11.50 per month which is the best deal on the net.  Even though you get the lowest price, you still get maximum value. 
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Time for some FUN!  Enjoy.

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The Help You Need!

If you are interested in making money online, I can help.

My Wix site above is about 3 years

old and I have been a Free Follow Up user for

perhaps 10 years, so what you are reading is based on actual experience.

On my YouTube channel and on my

Internet Marketer Training website, I share my successes and failures and experiences. In many cases, you will often get to look over my shoulder. 



If something works for me, I pass it on and it should work for you.  Check out my channel and allow me to help you with your online adventure.

Thank you for reading, my friends. 
Much Success,,
George Pierce
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    I remember using WIX several years back, but technology improves every year maybe every month...basically very fast. Things change and get better. Certainly your site is amazing for the  free design and free hosting. But your article is well conceived, well said and the overall theme is nicely laid out. It certainly is an easy read, and you kinda flow through the piece like sliding down a hill in a Minnesota  winter. Gracious of you to share stuff that you've learn picked up over the years. But nice work,appreciate it George , thank you.


  • Top Commentor

    For the very good reason that I find it authoratative and practical, I take careful note of your guidance George. My suggestion is that others do likewise. It will save them time and expense while adding to their ability and profit. Not a bad - free - deal I'd say!

  • Top Member

    A valued packed article with tools for internet/online marketers that's beneficial and free to use. Thanks George for sharing your article today in the SE community. 

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