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Tom Riach commented on George Pierce's blog post Bum Marketing Method Free eBook
"I have long extolled the mantra that 'simple is best, simple works' and you have just demonstrated the truth of that yet again George. You've also highlighted the (unpleasant to many) fact that work is involved ... but ... you've also stated the…"
Tom Riach commented on George Pierce's blog post Faith and LUCK Online! On occasion, you will get lucky. 
""The nore I practice the luckier I get!""
Nov 12
Tom Riach commented on Robin Robinson's blog post How To Make Email Marketing Work For You
"You've shown by your attitude here over a long time Robin that you are an entrepreneur with a mind open to learning new things as well as embracing well-established business success strategies. The two aspects combined provide a wonderful foundation…"
Nov 12
Tom Riach commented on Terri Pattio's blog post Internet Network Marketing - Know Math Or NO Money!
"Internet and network marketing is a business, the same rules for 'success' as in any other form of enterprise apply. It's difficult to imagine anyone embarking on a business venture without calculating beforehand how much money they expect to earn…"
Nov 9
Tom Riach commented on RS Mallory's blog post The Return of Home Parties
"I'm with you all the way on this RS, it's a great strategy. The advantages are great - sociable, fun and profitable too. Every guest at a party should be a certain buyer, then every buyer should host a party - you have limitless potential growth. A…"
Nov 7
Tom Riach commented on John Cory Jackson's blog post 7 FREE Sites To Help You Make Money Online!
"Absolutely John - planning. preparing and initial implementation is where the hard work is focused but, as the process develops, it happens more quickly and effectively and becomes less and less llikely to stop. Push a boulder up a hill - phew! -…"
Nov 5
Tom Riach commented on George Pierce's blog post Are You Sharing On Reddit?
"Thanks for the heads-up George. I long since realised that if George Pierce is doing it then the 'it' barely needs looking into because you will already have done that, and thoroughly. It's the fact that you first use, and only then pass on your…"
Nov 1
Tom Riach commented on Tom Riach's blog post Letter From A Fan
"Thank you Robin, your comments are not only welcome but are perceptive in themselves. Readers can learn much from what you have to say. Yours is a fine example to follow. Success without humility is no success at all - you display in what you say…"
Oct 29
Tom Riach commented on George Pierce's blog post Are You A Grinder?
"You're right George, being the boss is sweet. I can barely imagine working any other way. I'm reminded of the oft used expression - ' the daily grind of work' - applied usually in reference to working for a boss at something you don't like. In that…"
Oct 28
Tom Riach commented on George Pierce's blog post How To Speed Up Your Results!
"Priceless guidance George. I'm reminded of the maxim to first give people what they want and you can then later give them what you want! It's the sequence of these events which is critical - satisfy the customer first and yourself second. A bit like…"
Oct 28
Tom Riach commented on RS Mallory's blog post Coffee Coffee everywhere but THIS Smart Coffee can make you Rich
"I couldn't read this without the words of the song - "There's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil" - popping into my head. It just goes to show that a well written coffee article such as you have presented can induce a desire for coffee every bit as…"
Oct 28
Tom Riach commented on Tom Riach's blog post Play It As It Lies
"Yes Robin, you don't need to play golf to appreciate lessons to be learned from the game. I know you have read about it before in my books but, as in all of life, a refresher never hurts! Be it golf, life generally or any particular endeavour in it,…"
Oct 17
Tom Riach commented on Tom Riach's blog post Letter From A Fan
"Thank you Terri. You have indeed been a wonderful supporter of what I do."
Oct 14
Tom Riach commented on Tom Riach's blog post Letter From A Fan
"Yes, My observation George, first of myself and then of others, is that people spend time doing those things which they most want to do - and least, to no time on those things they don't feel motivated towards. As with all things - simple!"
Oct 14
Tom Riach posted a blog post
Joseph T. Riach'sINSPIRATIONS“Security is mostly a superstitious illusion. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Seek out and welcome change. There’s nothing to fear from the unknown, only opportunities to grasp. All successful people made…
Oct 13
Tom Riach commented on Tom Riach's blog post All Of Me
"Spot on George; my point entirely. Thanks for dropping by."
Oct 6