"Every person decides in early childhood how we will live and how we will die. His trivial behavior may be decided by reason, but his important decision has already been made: what type of person, how many children he will have, what kind of be he will die in. It is incredible to think, at first, that man's fate, all his nobility, and his degradation is decided by a child no more than six years old, and usually three (but) it is really easy to believe by looking at what is happening in the world today and what happened yesterday, and seeing what will happen tomorrow." Dr. Eric Berne - Games People Play

What is a life script?

Script analysis is the method of uncovering the "early decisions, made unconsciously, as to how life shall be lived".

It is a combination of thoughts, experiences, and ideas we gathered from birth to childhood based on our environment and it is reflected in our daily lives as adults. This creates an impression on the subconscious mind as David Snyder states these experiences and thoughts become a holographic pattern in the subconscious, and these are the patterns we live from in our lives.  It becomes your truth and the guiding force in one's life. 

Where did it come from?

According to experts our life script came from our parents,  and the interaction we had as children between mother, father, and child in our early childhood. It can be both verbal and non-verbal.  It shapes our self-image, confidence, self-worth and the list varies.  It will run its course if we are not aware that this is present in all our decisions in life.

"You either learn your way towards writing your own script, our unwittingly become an actor in someone else script."  John Taylor Gatto

A sign of our childhood life script appears when we are disturbed we tend to say, "It's okay," or "I am fine." because most of us were not verbal with how we felt like children with our feelings to our parents. So we create a fairy tale that is where we hide to feel good. Then the fairy tale does not manifest and we are miserable.

Can we change our life script?

Absolutely we can change our life script. We must be truthful about where we are in life. If the decisions we are making in our lives is beneficial and if it is based on old patterns. It can be changed in time because it was not inborn it was learned. Give yourself permission to disobey some of the things your parents said to you as a child. Create your detailed life scrip and start a new course in life.

Camille Cameron





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    Hello Camille, this article is definitely food for thought.  Where you start in life is not where you have to end.  And you can't live for another person or count on anyone to make you happy.  If you do either you will end up sorely dissapointed and possibly bitter.  But you will have no one to blame except you. 

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    Hello Camille it's great to see you and I enjoyed reading your article today. It has excellent information in it and I believe your statements are true and valid. 

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