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Here is 15 of the best content marketing tips to help you achieve your goals.  

Here they are: 

  1. Define and Document Your Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Dive Deep Into Audience Research
  3. Identify Relevant Topics
  4. Align Your Content with Search Intent
  5. Create Topic Clusters to Build Topical Authority
  6. Publish Original Research and Studies
  7. Demonstrate E-E-A-T
  8. Make Your Content Readable and Skimmable
  9. Select Your Content Distribution Channels
  10. Collaborate with Experts and Industry Thought Leaders 
  11. Audit Your Site for Technical SEO Issues
  12. Repurpose High-Performing Content
  13. Update and Republish Underperforming Conten
  14. Leverage Content Creation Tools
  15. Measure Your Content Marketing Performance

Now, let’s go over each of them in more detail

1. Define and Document Your Content Marketing Strategy 

Start with clearly defining and documenting your content strategy. It helps you align your content efforts with your business goals and establishes the metrics you can use for monitoring performance. 

So, it’s no wonder our State of Content Marketing report found 80% of companies that succeed with content marketing have a documented strategy. 

And 52% of unsuccessful businesses don’t have one.

Here are some quick content marketing strategy tips:

  • Define your target audience (there’s a detailed discussion in the next tip)
  • Set your content goals—increase traffic, generate leads, drive free trials, boost sales, grow brand awareness, etc. 
  • Decide your content types—social media posts, videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc.
  • Choose your distribution channels—YouTube, social accounts, websites, etc. 
  • Know your resources—team, budget, tools, etc.
  • Create a content calendar to effectively manage your projects

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  • Top Commentor

    This is an informative article Terri.  And the video explains everything that SE is about in that special style.  Syndication Express is great place to put the content we've created to work.  Since it goes out through a number of venues.  Content just like everything else in business shouldn't be motivated by money, but by how it can be bring value.   

  • Top Video Contributor

    This is a marvelous article, thank you, Terri.  The better we know our audience, the better that we can specifically identify their need or desire, relate to it, and satisfy it.

  • Top Commentor

    I prefer to keep things simple. Know your audience and give them what they want. If you find your audience likes something really well, find a way to use the best parts again. Don't treat your marketing strategy like it has to be created by a rocket scientist. Simple and fun works better.

    • Top Member

      Thank you for your comments Dennis Thorgesen 

    • Top Commentor

      Life for me comes down to do what you love. That way the reality is you won't work a day of your life. I believe every marketing stategy needs to take this into consideration.


    • Top Member

      The ideal is to work smart not hard, and doing it right the first time. The reward is residual income and building your database of lifelong friends and customers too.

      Know, like and trust helps you to develop those relationships, and that's the key to success in any business (online and offline).

  • Top Member

    NOTE: Remember to vote 5 stars, comment and like too. These are social signals for the search engines and this helps with SEO.

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