How to avoid fake business opportunities?

How to avoid fake business opportunities?
When you walk on the hard path of betrayal and disloyalty, you will be frustrated. Everyone will be the same for you, the face you can't trust. Someone who will screw you. Another one who will use you and take advantage. 
This is not the right way if you want success. 
The first step to recover from traitors is to forget the past.
Don't look back, you are not going that way. It means:
If someone rejected you in the past, let him stay there. Don't beg for return and don't accept if he changes mind. 
If someone called you after the century passed, don't accept this call. Ignore and go forward.
The second step is to stop comparing people. We are different, and if someone reminds you of the bad person in the past, this is not a pattern. It might look like this, but you will not repeat the same mistake twice, or you will fix it faster than before.
The third step is to accept changes. Don't afraid of changes, even it looks worse than your previous condition. Fear means that you are in a good way. 
The fourth step is to recognize real from fake opportunities. A mixture of illusion and hope is a dangerous thing and beware of people who are promising too much.
How to recognize fake people on your way?
They hesitate.
They delay their decisions.
They make excuses for why they did not do what they promised.
Their promises are big, like "the world will hear about you".
They use too many sweet words.
What makes difference from amateur toward professionals?
Professional people use short and effective sentences.
They act on time and offer concrete things.
They say to you in forward what you can expect in some projects.
They are not involved emotionally. They don't call you darling and sweetie.
They have examples and names behind them, that is proof of how their strategies work.
If you can take a look at someone's profile in social networks, it will tell you more than you thought. Do you want a  review for your book? Did someone promise you to publish and edit your books for small money or free?
Just take a look. If you see a blank site or site spammed with tags and many avatars without links and a real photo, this is the impostor. Also, they ask donations for their funds and your vision is not interesting them. They use I, not WE in conversation. 
Everyone wishes success nowadays, and it makes spaces for frauds and manipulations easier. You can spend money in vain or lost time for something that will not work out. Someone can offer you money if you invest money and then you will go through a complicated process to return your money back or you will get robbed online.
The business world is cruel, but the point is to find real connections and eliminate fakes. Time will show you the way, and intuition will show you where is the illusion and where is the reality. 
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My name is Kristina Gallo and I am a Croatian blogger and indie author. I published 8 short books on Amazon.

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  • Top Commentor

    Hi Kristina, I'm Carolyn Coleman Grady, I enjoyed your blog. I agree with you on listening it is a skill that many do not have.Finding real connections is just as important. Discerning reality from fake reality is also a skill. I appreciate your blog thank you.

  • Thanks for reading and comment.

    • Top Commentor

      You're welcome Kristina.  Also Congratulations on publishing 8 Books, that's quite an accomplishment. 

  • Top Commentor

    This an informative article.  For sure there are many scammers out there. 
    The best thing you can do is do your own research.  Also the old saying 
    "If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is". 

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