What Is Branded Content? - How To Create It.


This article was originally published on the Semrush blog. 

Branded content is content you create in partnership with a publisher or

advertiser to convey your company's values and ideas in ways that connect with audiences.

Which can increase brand awareness.

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Branded content is different from conventional marketing approaches.


Because instead of only delivering product- or service-focused information, it inspires emotion and makes people think. And avoids blasting the viewer with pushy sales tactics.

In other words, it makes people feel like they aren’t being sold to at all.

So, viewers are more likely to share and interact with the content. 

Branded content can also be defined by some of its core features.

And it:

  • Connects with consumers on an emotional level
  • Establishes a brand’s identity and personality as more than just a company
  • Generates conversations by creating shareable, likable content that sparks engagement
  • Promotes brand values over products or services 
  • Employs storytelling tools and techniques to weave a narrative
  • Generates value by giving consumers something they want, like humor or entertainment
  • Is often collaborative, partnering with celebrities, professionals, influencers, or users

What Branded Content Isn’t

Based on what we just went over above, you can see that branded content takes a nuanced approach to marketing.

That means branded content isn’t focused on products and services.

And brand content marketing doesn’t typically take the form of:

  • Commercials
  • Clickable ad banners
  • Pop-up ads

Branded content differs from product placement, content marketing, and conventional advertising in a variety of ways.

Let’s explore the distinctions.

Continue reading at Branded Content vs. Product Placement

Respectfully yours, 

Terri Pattio

Owner of Syndication Express

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  • Top Commentor

    Branded contents main purpose is to build know, like, and trust with the searching audience. You should always give information of value in your branded content. Even those who rae authors are in a niche. The information you share should have value to those within the niche. Branded content can be as simple as quotes, short video, or written content.

    • Top Member

      Relationships is the key to success and you do this by getting to know, like and trust people you connect with (in person or online). 

      Thank you for your feedback Dennis Thorgesen 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I worked with not one, but two, of the best salespeople ever, better than me...shh!  I did my best to eavesdrop when they were selling.  They were NOT selling! At least, it was not evident.  They were building rapport...know, like, and trust.  It is essential!  I did go on to be a 'Hall Of Famer', so I speak from experience.  Thank you, Terri.  

  • Top Video Contributor

    What you share in this post is gold that we can use in almost ALL of our online efforts, thank you, Terri. 

    • Top Member

      This is beneficial information and as you said it's solid gold for people to know this. 

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