What Is Marketings Role For Businesses?

There are many people who misunderstand Marketings role.



Although Marketing can generate sales that is NOT it's role. Marketings role is building brand exposure and trust. Ninety five percent of people who search the internet are looking for information of value. What they want with the words they search, is information about those words. This is quite often long before making a buying decision. Are you there giving information of value to those searchers?

Know, Like, and Trust

Marketing (Brand Exposure) lets people know you exist as a person or company. It either shows them you know your business or that you don't. With Marketing you are showing you are the best solution for the situation in which they find themselves. When done right you are actually showing that your company is the only real solution that will satisfy all their needs in this one particular area.

For as long as you are in business marketing is necessary

Marketing ls long term. Without the Know, Like, Trust factor all the advertising in the world won't bring you buyers consistently. Advertising is short term. It is rare for an advertisment to run for more than six months. If your business (brand marketing) isn't well known you will find advertising will leave a lot to be desired and expensive.

What you do is important

While explaining the value of your product or service you are also telling them about what you believe in.

  • Do you help in your local community?
  • If so how do you help?
  • Are you an animal activist?
  • Do you help support no kill facilities?

Buyers find value in company beliefs. Many want to see if what you believe in aligns with what they believe in. Marketing is where they see your companies beliefs beyond you product or service. This is rarely seen in Advertising, and in reality shouldn't be.






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