For many years being a marketer in some form or the other, I can recall from very young my entrepreneurship started at the early age of 14 by designing clothing and making them on my mother"s sewing machine. I recall in the mid-seventies the machines were not electric. Oh no we had to peddle. And it is so ironic it was so easy to work without my feet getting tired. With the needle going into my fingers on many occasions and I have to gradually roll the steering weal backward what controlled the machine to raise the presser foot gently to move the needle out of my finger that constantly got stuck in my indication to the world of sewing thought to me by my mother. Then the experience of the constant taking apart of the garments in its creation until it was perfected to the right design, and I must say this took some sleepless nights.

I share this story because we all have the entrepreneur genes in us on some level or the other and it varies on the different ages it started in all of us. I recall my father always doing so sort of home business. Ther are so many examples of people all around us from our childhood that motivated us or people we admired who were business owners. We can now see it in our children especially this generation with so many different avenues of creating wealth.

Based on all that we know in this age of technology, how are we finetuning or business skills to be the masters of our craft of entrepreneurs? There is a gigantic exposure of tools currently in this field compared to our fore-parents. After all my studying and an array of self-help books on having the right mindset, social media tools, emailing, advertising, content creation, mastermind groups and they all play a key role in business success in this time of the internet. 

My observation with all these tools we implement in our business to generate sales, but some of us are still not reachable to a vast audience. In the midst of putting all my energy day and night at times into growing my business with little or no rewards. I had to come to a halt and ask my self," what am I not doing or what do I have to do differently?" On the other hand, I am hearing all these marketers online speaking about the thousands of dollars they are making daily. Yes, there is a possibility and it is true one can make as much money as possible with the right mindset. 


How to become unique?

  1. Study the niche you are marketing in-depth. 
  2. The company you are promoting should have an opportunity for you to be a business partner.
  3. Incorporate your uniqueness into what you are marketing.
  4. An example we all have special skills or talent we can offer the world, something unique.
  5. How is it fulfilling a need in this world to help humanity?
  6. Grow your brand around the product you are marketing.
  7. What are the long term benefits from this product which can benefit my love ones?
  8. Is the commission of value for the service given of marketing this product?

 Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog post. Create a legacy that is unstoppable for your family generations ahead. All it takes is one step at a time. We are all valuable Beings on this magnificent planet called earth.

Camille Cameron


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    Great Post Camille.  I too sew my mother taught me too.  I didn't want to learn at first but she told me to take typing and sewing in highschool.  The reason she said was that those are skills you can take anywhere.  Of course you have to work to run a successful business but once you find what is unique to you, that should put you on the road to success.  

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