Where Is That Darned Photo?

All but a few of us have not picked up a single purposed (real) camera in quite a while!


10806944266?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd while the title to this message says "darned", most of our photos/videos are really very dear to us.  It is only the frustration in not being able to locate that specific one... at the exact moment that we want to see it... that evokes the additional adjectives!


So when we say, "where is that darned photo?", we are really just frustrated over not being as organized as we would like to be.


Over the years one of my regrets (there are really too few to linger on them long) is that pictures taken on some of my previous "smart" phones before (they were smart enough) have been lost because I could not retrieve them when the phone was damaged or lost.  These days with cloud storage the chances of losing a photo/video forever has been lessened (alas, it might actually be okay if a few of them remained unseen), yet having those photos/videos organized for easy retrieve at the very moment you want to see or share it, well, there is the challenge!


MemoryKeeperOnline.com has accepted the challenge and I invite you to check it out (for free) to see just exactly why I am so elated.


I created a quick sample of just a few photos from a dream trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  I can add to this particular gallery (and I probably will, so come back later to see the updates!), and I could even provide a link to others to contribute their own photos/videos of this charming and historic city.  I created the dream trip collection in just seconds (on the fly for this article) so imagine what you can do with your own masses of jumbled and disorganized photos on your smartphones (and computers too!).


In what ways can you imagine using this kind of memory keeper?   And what if attendees of a gathering (trip, wedding, party, etc.) were provided a link to your gallery in advance of the event so that everyone could contribute to it?!  


Memories are precious and deserve to be preserved.  And enjoyed.  And shared.  At the exact time and place that you choose!  So, where is that darned photo?  Ah, I know!





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  • Top Video Contributor

    This is an ingenious idea, thanks, Graham.

  • With the arrival of the Smartphone which seems to get smarter more frequently, any photo taken with them can instantly be uploaded

    Onto such sites as Microsoft for hosting, as many of my photos were without me knowing

    Until I had a message informing me my account was full since I had not wanted them I set to and deleted them from that account

    Not realising I was actually deleting them from my desktop at the same time

    Leaving me wondering " where my darned photos are?


  • Top Member

    Now this is something useful that ALL people with mobile phones can use/benefit from. Thank you Lonnie for sharing your post in the SE community.

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