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I just recently sent out a discussion about how I am planning a monthly syndication review process.  Which brings up an important point of discussion for me and a question I need to ask myself.  What type of content is worthy of syndication?

Of course this is an important question we each should be asking ourselves.  And, it is a highly personal and subjective question and answer type thing.  But, I would be most interested in your view points.

I mean I admit I am rather biased as I have built some relationships and certain individuals are a good fit for me and have good consistant content.  Dennis Thorgesen with Branding, I feel we all need that.  Ann Moses, Terri Pattio, Tommy Knighton with positive motivation, training, and spiritual eliments that I feel are extremely important.

To me online marketing is like a puzzle in that there are several pieces that need to come together and it is just not complete unless you have all the pieces.

So for me it is a matter of making sure I have all I need and I'm always honing in and fine tuning.

I realize that I have a lot of information as many of us do here and some information I am better qualified to give than other information and the need for quality feedback can never be understated.

We have a wonderful and tremendous opportunity here at Syndication Express to share our thoughts and expertise and to help disseminate this information to an ever widening audience.

What we do with this opportunity and how well we take advantage of it is entirely up to us.  I thank Terri for creating Syndication Express and I look forward to this group growing and finding ways to collaborate and learn.  As, we are all on some kind of growth curve and still learning.

What are your strengths?  What are your weeknesses?  What type of content are you missing that would help your message stand out?   What do you need as far as pieces to your puzzle?  How can we as a group help each other?  And, are there universal messages and themes that will resonate with our audience that we could do more successfully as a team?  Are there synergetic possibilities that we are over looking? .... The questions are just as endless as are the possibilities ...



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    It's good to see you here today Albert. Just like you I look for great content to share and I believe that Syndication Express is where you can find it. I am blessed and happy to know everyone here because this is why I started the site for all bloggers and articles writers to get the recognition, exposure and branding they need online.

    Albert Ivor Morin said:

    Thanks for all the awesome feedback and comments.  It has been awhile since I have done a Syndication review.  I am always looking for others that provide great content information that resonates with me and my views. Keep on sharing that great content ya all. 

  • Thanks for all the awesome feedback and comments.  It has been awhile since I have done a Syndication review.  I am always looking for others that provide great content information that resonates with me and my views. Keep on sharing that great content ya all. 

  • You asked a question and I feel it is a good one that needs addressing.  Your question, "Are there synergetic possibilities that we are over looking?"  Yes, not some much from the stand point that the correct  information does not exist on the web.

    But, it's a individual responsibility to bring all the parts together. literally leaving behind what does not work. A season Pro. knows that what was working one year might not work the next year. And, what was the high traffic generation tool might not generate the same quality traffic as in previous year.

    Here why, Web is forever changing and you as a marketer must change with it. You must be able to pick out what works. It take discernment on a marketer part and a learning curve to boot.


  • Thanks for the blog! These are questions we all need to ask ourselves.

  • We as a group can focus on giving honest, sincere and revelant comments.  It is from these that will help us grow as individuals and as a whole.

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    Well Albert you have asked some great questions here today. My answer is when I read a blog/article or look at someone's video. When I see that the information can provide value for many people to help them you better believe I am going to share it. I have two groups on FB and I see a lot of content daily go through there so when I see a subject that has caught my attention I generally will read it because as you said we can learn from each other.

    So we really don't know where our education will come from. It's a great way to start a conversation after reading someone's blog by leaving a relevant comment for them. The majority of the time they will respond back to you and now you have made contact. Internet marketing is all about relationships and this is how I have made a lot of friends including you Albert. Which is quite a blessing for me, and everyone else here know me as saying it like it is. I enjoy what I do and I like helping people and sharing good information which gives value for them.

    In closing I will say this, content syndication has been very good for me because I have a reputation online and my name is branded very well in the social sites as well. It is because of this is what I do every single day.

    "Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

    Always a mentor with a servant's heart

    Terri Pattio

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