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Since IBOtoolbox is no longer available to us. I had an idea a few days ago to remember IBOtoolbox to let everyone share why IBO was special to them.

This should be interesting, and this is a tribute to a great site that unfortunately is no longer around. 

I miss IBO, how about you? Share your thoughts and comments about IBO and where do you go now to market your business. Are you still online? 

My testimonial about IBO is all the online friends I met, and the traffic I generated when publishing my press releases on IBO. I logged in each morning to congratulate the featured member and check out their press release(s). 

IBO was very popular when I joined on May 27, 2011, and many people would visit the site every day. The IBO spirit was alive and real because we were encouraged to share the press release(s) and video content. This means the PR/video content would be getting more exposure on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This was known as IBO spirit and it was hot and well received by all the members. 

IBOtoolbox inspired me with the idea to start the Syndication Express content syndication platform. The difference is that my site targeted bloggers, article writers and authors. IBO was a business marketing site for online marketers and business owners. My main focus is to give the members what they needed most for the content they write; and that is exposure, traffic, backlinks and social signals. 

Syndication Express does all that and more. It has grown tremendously and I'm very proud that I have achieved my goal.

Membership is free. Join now!

I look forward to seeing your testimonials/comments about IBO.

IBOtoolbox was a site that everyone loved. 

Terri Pattio

Mentor with a servant's heart




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  • IBO was about community. Unfortunately the combination of being behind on technology and not growing membership killed our little platform. Thomas over at MarketHive told me several times that he had reached out to Kris at IBO in an attempt to purchase the platform but that she never responded. 

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      It's a shame she didn't respond because IBO is gone for good. I loved the IBO spirit, that was very popular at one time. It started fading out when IBO3 changes came out. I don't think they did a good job with lauching IBO3. It was looking bad right from the start. 

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    You can access IBO but not with most browsers.  I have an old SeaMonkey browser from Mozilla which allows access.  On occasion, I will re-visit, enjoy a few posts and STEAL some of my old content.

    For what it is worth:  There is a double = sign in the error code.  Double equal is a comparison and I think a single equal may solve the log-in problem.  I am miles away from being any kind of Java or HTML expert, but I have learned a little through osmosis and have had the same problem with one of my sites. Being logged out is not a big deal for admin, you can access the necessary files by way of the file manager,

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      I have Mozilla Firefox. I will try that and get my content from there as well. 

  • Hi Terri, I was a keen member of IBOtoolbox I joined just after Kris Karafotas took over

    Kris overstretched the help she gave and bit by bit removed much of the extra channels she had created and then left without warning. Surprisingly IBO is still online although without the admin

    I'm so glad you have been inspired to create Syndication Express


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      It's not online, you can't login to their site. IBO has a lot of things to do if they intend on coming back. I don't know what they plan on doing with the site. It would be awesome if they come back online. Thank you for being a member in the SE community. BTW don't forget to invite your IBO friends here and let them know they can post the press releases and videos here too. 

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    Yes, no doubt about it Terri, IBO's big point was the people, the interactions with them and their incredible support given freely and unconditionally. I too met a host of entertaining, interesting and helpful characters - not least you!

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    So many fond memories of IBO, and, yes, it was the members that made it special.  The site was based on genius. 

    I may be wrong and I am the self-proclaimed King of mistakes, but the login problem should be a fairly easy fix for someone with the right knowledge.  I have a similar problem with one of my sites.  The problem that I had was that the software gives you so many seconds to log in and somehow it had set itself to zero.  To make it even more challenging, even I could not log in to the admin panel, so snuck in by way of the file manager.   

    In other words, allow me to share the misquote by Mark Twain, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  I hope this will apply to IBO.

    • I don't think so George. I think it's dead.

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      I believe it is gone away for good. 

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