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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney

I love this Quote 

there are many today that dream, but they never do anything but talk about the dream. I often wonder what causes many of us to only dream without action? 
1. Fear of what others say

2. Fear of failure 

3. Not enough time 

4. I'm to old 

5. Not enough resources

6. I'm not connected with the in crowd 

these are just a few excuses made by many of us. Have you been a dream slacker. That's what I call it. You know Bill Gates became wealthy because he knows something we don't know and he does what we don't do. Just remember, your idea is one step away from wealth. We must put the work in and be intentional. 

Be encouraged today 

Carolyn Coleman Grady 


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    That is so powerful. I absolutely love a great quote. Thanks for sharing this. 

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    It seems easier to not succeed and to never start, and it is not.  It is simply a bad choice.  Thanks, Carolyn.

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      Thank you George. I agree. Some walk through life asleep never taking a risk or living out there dreams. 

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    Terri sure agree with you. It's a time thief. 

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    Thank you Carolyn for sharing your quote in the SE community. In answer to your question above.

    I will summarize it up in one word Carolyn, it's called "Procrastination" and this is indecision on the part of the individual when they don't take action. 

    I remember my mentor told me "Procrastination is the thief of profits." Take action on an idea or thoughts that enter your subconscious mind, because it's coming from infinite intelligence (God) and it's your decision to proceed (take action). 

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