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Terri Pattio

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  • Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is enjoying life on Purpose! I'm grateful to be part of this group and hope to continue to contribute encouragement and inspiration. I have three businesses and one blog. I've always heeded to the advice of 'always learn how to do more than one thing'

    You can read my blog at AFAM-BUSYMOMMY. A general family-friendly blog of encouragement, inspiration, wisdom and humor. 

    My first business is Xpress Healthcare a Discount Benefit Plan Company (NOT INSURANCE) that offers low-cost discount plans on health, vision, dental, prescriptions and more that will cover your household.

    My second business is Soy Wonderful an affiliate business of SoyL Scents. A company that sells eco-friendly candles made from 100% soybean. We have over 70 fragrances in soaps, tarts, candles, melter gems and room sprays. We also have full-size and plug-in melters. You will find a beautiful ring in Our Candle Gem and Our Melter Gems

    My third business is So Pretty Jewelry an affiliate business of Kitsy Lane. In my online boutique you will find gorgeous jewelry and accessories for all occasions. All you have to do is register with your name and email address and start shopping. 

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    VIDEO: Do YOU remember Tabitha on Bewitched? This is an interview with Erin Murphy, the child star who played Tabitha.

    YOU can view it here.

  • Thank you Terri

    Terri Pattio said:

    That's great Merle and I am very happy for you.

    Merle Gibbins said:

    After two years of struggling and after getting plenty of tips and advice from various mentors, Terri included, I am finally seeing results -

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    We don't see many stories like this. Thank you for your comment and sharing it for more to see.

    Merle Gibbins said:

    I have share this Terri as I admire him for being so honest !!  

    Terri Pattio said:

    Today I read this article about a gentlemen who did a good thing and now some people are saying that his reasons for doing it is not genuine. What do you think about it?

    Read the article first Fund set up for honest homeless man raises 91K 

    Now here's my thoughts on this:

    Why is it people are so negative and want to make up in their mind that this man's action are not genuine or sincere?

    I believe that the world is so full of wickedness and that people need to just trust and believe in God and every thing will be alright. It is wrong to think that this man who wanted to help out a human being because the Bible tells us to love and help one another. This is what both men were doing, and this man who was homeless and still his integrity and honor led him to do the right thing is truly a great thing. When I read this story the other day, I thought here is a man who is homeless and did the right thing. That's truly great and then this man comes along and sets up a fund to raise money for him and America answered. The point is anyone could have set it up

    What is those naysayers talking about? Are they mad because they didn't take action and do something? Hmmm. Well thank God for moving this gentlemen to do it.

    I thank God for men like the both of them. Many blessings for both these gentlemen.

    Let's hear your thoughts on this.

    Terri Patio

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    That's great Merle and I am very happy for you.

    Merle Gibbins said:

    After two years of struggling and after getting plenty of tips and advice from various mentors, Terri included, I am finally seeing results -

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