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This is a question that some people wonder about. Click the link below to see the video for the answer to this question. 

Was the Universe Created?


I look forward to reading your comment and hearing your thoughts on this subject.

Terri Pattio


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    You might want to check because I can't find a link to a video.
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    Since no one on this earth was around at the time, truth is there is no way of knowing for sure. Personally I don't believe earth's man is NOT the first sentient being in the universe. Nor do I believe the human race is the only race that has lived on this planet. So is the big bang theory been proven or disproven? As far as I know it is only a theory.

    This is because there are too many things scientists and laymen have found that is beyond explanation or comprehension based on earthly knowledge.

    When I look around the things of the earth I have to believe there is
    an architect. Personally I see Darwin's theory and religion can both
    be correct. No where in any account I have ever been able to find,
    does it say how long it took to create man, or how he was created.

    Again this goes back to believing there is an architect who created
    and oversees this planet. What you call this architect is up to you.

    The American Indians called it mother earth, Muslims call it Allah,
    Christians call it God.
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      I hoped you looked at the video provided above before sharing your opinions. I believe you will get a satisfactory explanation and other information included with it. I recommend you check out the video for clarity. Perhaps this will clear things up for you. Thank you for your comments.
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