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V TEN Is Live

Advertising is a good thing but where and how should
a person advertise?  What are online marketers to do?
I know that's a loaded question. It really depends on what
a marketer is offering and wants to accomplish. 
One of the first avenues many online affiliate marketers
try is Traffic Exchanges. They figure they can't go wrong
because there is guaranteed traffic.  Even if they don't
want to surf, they can buy traffic and know that their
offers will be seen.
While traffic exchanges offer traffic, there is a bit more to
getting prospects to click on your offers. Acquiring more
traffic from either surfing or buying it is just a start.  What's
also required is having an attractive squeeze page or splash
This is where skill comes into play.  To acquire skill requires
either knowing somebody who is willing to teach you or
paying to get the education.  Either way, the skill of putting
together squeeze pages or splash pages is a must if you
are going to succeed in traffic exchanges.
Okay, so you have a great page you're promoting in your
chosen traffic exchange.  Now you need more traffic and
turn up the volume.  But how do you do that?  The answer
is simple.  Advertise in more traffic exchanges.
Here's where the money or surfing comes in.  You'll either
spend more money or spend more time surfing for credits
to get traffic to your sites. So now the choice is yours.
What if you were able to place one ad as part of a network
that gave your offers visibility in multiple traffic exchanges
all at the same time?  Wouldn't that be awesome?
The Virtual Traffic Exchange Network offers advertisers to
place one ad that shows up on multiple traffic exchanges
all at once. V TEN utilizes an advanced technology that puts
their network advertisers in front of traffic exchange surfers
in multiple traffic exchanges all over the internet.
V TEN is in essence leveraging the traffic of traffic exchanges
by placing ads on behalf of V TEN advertisers.  The technology
used allows the offers of the V TEN advertisers to be seen on
specific pages promoted by the V TEN in traffic exchanges.  
The best way to understand it is to see a live demonstration.  
On top of the advertising in traffic exchanges, V TEN also
promotes in other online advertising venues. The advertisers
get additional exposure on blogs, press releases, classified
ad boards and a host of social media outlets.
Something that is making V TEN more visible is the heavily promoted
V TEN advertising pages. Advertisers who subscriber to their own 
V TEN membership and become affiliates not only promote their
V TEN page but they earn 100% commission on every V TEN ad
membership they sell.
While the affiliate is promoting V TEN, our advertisers are constantly
getting exposure all over the marketplace.
Keep a look out for the Virtual Traffic Exchanges Network. It might
very well be a way you start getting more exposure for your business.
Good success to you,
Pastor Ced
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But They Showed Me a "Proof Video"

You wanted proof and they gave you exactly
what you wanted. They showed you how
much money they were making and you were
in hook, line and sinker.
But what happened?  With all the proof, the
deal still didn't work for you.  This sound familiar?
Of course it does. Have you heard of the 98% of
people who fail online?  This is the truth.
Don't get me wrong, there are folks who finally
break into the 2% of people who are making
money head over heels. So why do people keep
trying to make money online when the know llthat
there is a 98% failure ratio?
Hope is the magic word. The hope of getting out
of a rut. The hope of being able to help your family.
The hope of being able to pay off debt. The hope
of being able to take great vacations. The hope
of just doing whatever you want.
Here's how to break into the 2%.
If you think it's going to be a fast track to success,
think again. It's not a bad thing to succeed over
Some of the things to consider are:
1  Learning to make workable plans
2. Learning the art of marketing
3  Learning how to handle success
4. Learning how to invest money
5. Learning the importance of paying off debt
6. Learning how to stick with a plan
Believe me, the 2% know these things and more.
In order to make it online, it takes skills in the arena
you're working.
These skills can be learned but like a "real job," it
takes time to learn them.  Success isn't overnight.
The truth is most people are looking for bill paying
money. They are not looking to get rich.  Just look
around. There are more small business owners
around than big giant corporations.
The folks who care about offering a good product
or service can make a living offline and online. They
understand what people want and find a way to get
it to them.
In a video I just recently produced, i share some of
the insights about what you can do to start your
journey to making "bill paying money." It all starts
with taking the first step.
No promises, no big claims or fancy proof videos.
To me, if a project is not simple enough for a person
understand with the first step, its not worth looking
any further.
Here's the link to the video. 
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When Ideas Don't Work

Sometimes what we think are great ideas
just don't work. For whatever reason, they
just flop.
You have probably brainstormed and came
up with an idea you just knew would fly.
Everything in you just knew it was what
people were looking for.  Research panned
out well. The market seemed to be ripe.  The
people you consulted with were all very
positive. Success was inevitable, so you
I had such a project.  Being an entrepreneur
and a pastor, I often thought about ways I
could engage believers online to make a
difference for the Kingdom of God.
I was convinced that because every Christian
loved Jesus and had a testimony, they would
be willing to share it online. To me this was a
no brainer. As believers we are instructed to
go into all the world and preach the gospel.
What better way for believers to engage with
the great commission than to share their faith
through their testimonies.
I had it all set up.  Folks who liked to write
could write out their testimonies.  Folks who
liked to talk could put their testimony on audio.
Those who weren't camera shy could share
their testimony on video.  All these testimonies
would be placed on their personal websites. 
The simplicity of this project was, it was a 
one time deal. Whatever way a person chose
to share their testimony, it would only have to
be one time and they were done.
I know tons of folks who support ministries all
over the world.  My thought was the people 
who shared their testimony would be supporting
their own ministry.  Because their testimony 
would be online, they would be reaching the
world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
What flabbergasted me more than anything else
was one of the components of the campaign was
basic discipleship.  I knew that not everybody could
put their testimony together by themselves.  So the 
concept was to have each person who successfully
put their testimony on their own website, help those
who needed help.
Here's the flabbergasting part. Every person who 
helped another person get their testimony on their
own website would be compensated $1 for every
month those testimonies remained on those websites.
If you're in network marketing you've no doubt heard
the term, "use, recommend and sponsor."  Basically
I changed the terminology to, "love, testify and disciple."
See the similarities?  
Talk about an idea that didn't work. The Winning Souls
Campaign was an idea that didn't work.  Well , it didn't 
work like I anticipated. Oh, we still have quite a few 
people still participating and folks who are still signing
up periodically.  But that's not what I envisioned.
The point of this article is things don't always work
like we think they will. We can quit or we can continue.
Even though it has not worked out to my satisfaction, I
still believe God has a plan for this project.
My target audience is Christian Entrepreneurs. My hope
is there will be some who see the importance of sharing
their faith on their own websites with us.
What I thought was a Godsend was using .ws websites.
I immediately thought of Winning Souls when I saw .ws.
My heart leaped with joy knowing other believers would 
see how big a deal this was. They haven't yet.  But I still
believe they will.
Website.WS (Global Domains International) is been around
for a long time.  They are still paying a residual income to
people like me every month.  I keep thinking how awesome
it would be for believers to share their love for Jesus via
their testimonies and help others do the same.  On top of
that, those who were adept at helping others share their
testimonies would be compensated just because people
would be using .ws websites to share their testimonies
and help other believers do the same.
My heart still leaps from time to time because I believe my
assignment won't be complete until thousands of believers
are sharing their faith using .ws websites.  What greater
purpose do entrepreneurial believers have than to go into
all the world and preach the gospel?  God hasn't given up
on His church so I can't either.
There is so much more I could tell you. Perhaps later.
Continued success to you,
See how I use my .ws website CedReynolds.ws
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Super Easy Way To Be Remembered

If you're in the internet and mobile world, you have to get people to remember you.  What better way to do it than to post your photo everywhere you can. Now, this is something I did for a while and noticed a remarkable difference in response.  It was as if people would see my name and say, "I know that guy but who is he again?"  
The funny thing is when I have posted my photo on still videos, audios platforms, blogs and articles, there is a noticeable difference in the response. Trust me, I'm not that smart to have come with this on my own. It was merely by accident. It seems that people kind of relate to others better when there is a photo attached to their online and mobile offerings.  
Hope this is a tip you'll at least try,
Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor
 p.s. Looking for something different in the mobile niche? Click here
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Great Causes To Tell The World About

There are some fascinating businesses and causes in the Tell The World group. The group is designed for folks who have a cause to share with the world to be able to do it.  Our other emphasis is helping each other spread the word about our causes.

There are several ways we go about helping each other. 
1. We like and comment on the posts made in the group
2. We share the posts and links of the group members via social media networks
3. We write blogs highlighting members of the group
4. We promote group rotators which feature the websites of group members
5. We produce audios featuring group members
6. We produce videos featuring group members
The Tell The World group exists to promote  viable, wholesome, businesses and causes.  It's our way of paying it forward.
You're welcome to join us,
Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor
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The Mobile Niche And Where You Fit In


Noticing the subtle changes on the internet to slowly can cost you big time. The various phases people adopt new technology is fairly common. The ones who really clean up are the technology creators, innovators and early adopters. If you fit in one of these categories, you understand the subtle changes that are going on.

I won't go into specifics here but the subtle changes I'm referring to are the bridge being built between the internet world and the mobile world. Contrary to what some might think, these are entirely different platforms.

As the internet is still progressing extremely well, the mobile world is gearing up for a massive and I mean massive takeoff in the world of technology. This is nothing to just put off because you are just learning the internet. This is the way of the future.

Now, when I speak of the "way of the future," I'm referring to functioning with coexisting technologies for the purpose of maximizing the full potential of both. The ones in the know will become the go to people for answers.

If you've every heard the story about the plumber who charged an astronomical fee for a one minute job, you get the picture. The plumber indicated that "the job wasn't about the time it took me to do it, it was about knowing what to do and getting it done. You paid for the knowledge you didn't have."

Knowledge about the online world and the mobile world is like gold. He who has it rules.

I'm just stopping by to "ring your bell" to see if anybody is home. The game is changing right in front of our eyes. Most don't have a clue what to to. Some just don't care. But there is a group of people who will be laughing all the way to their internet and mobile banks, if you know what I mean.

Thought I would give you a taste of how I function in two worlds. The link I've listed below is a mobile squeeze page for one niche I work with. I posted it on Facebook to my followers and within a minute I had not a few but quite a few emails hit my back office just to get the free info I promised.

Here's what pretty cool about good mobile squeeze pages. They are attractive and convert online or on Smartphones. Whereas regular squeeze pages are okay online but can run into trouble in the mobile world. You tell me, who will get the edge, the marketer with the mobile squeeze page or the marketer with the regular squeeze page?

Take a peek and see what I'm talking about. http://mobiletrafficapp.com

Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor

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Getting our audience to pay attention to us is what every entrepreneur wants. But how do we go about doing it?

You have no doubt heard of the "ripple effect."  And no I'm not talking about the new company that's really hot right now. If you've been in the marketing game for any length of time, you have seen the 5 get 5 get 5 get 5 model. The model that many network marketing companies promote that rarely seems to work out.  Each person going out and getting 5 who duplicate the efforts of their sponsor sounds great but ask yourself how many people do you personally know who have done this?
I want to share with you a model called EACH ONE REACH ONE.  This model is one that can be emulated by anybody who is serious.  The reason it works is because each sponsor is committed to helping those they sponsor find their first person. This can be making a sell of a product or service or sponsoring a person on any team.  It boils down to sponsoring deep then wide.  The deeper a person sponsors the more people understand the process and can teach it. Consequently the team grows indefinitely.
Here's an example of the EACH ONE REACH ONE model:
I help you sponsor one person
You and I help the person you sponsored sponsor one person
Now the team helps to sponsor the next person to the team under the last person sponsored.
In essence we have created a line of sponsorship that effectively has more and more people looking for one person to sponsor.
What you've probably noticed is each person is not really just reaching one person.  It becomes a team working together to reach one person.  The reason the model works is because of the first person's commitment to follow through until they help the first person they sponsor find their first person.
Now imagine after you built your team below you 5 or more levels deep.  What can you imagine when you start the same process over as you build wider using the EACH ONE REACH ONE MODEL? The ripple effect can happen with any person who sincerely works this model. The reason it works is because of the sincere relationships that are developed as people help each other.
Give it a try.  Go out and find one person start the EACH ONE REACH ONE model and see the ripple effect in your business.
Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor
p.s. If you want to see this in action contact me and I'll show you how it works
Skype: cedreynolds
Twitter: CedReynolds
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