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Blog monetization is something that most bloggers don't ever think about. But, of course, they should.

Blogging may be a passion, or it may be something of business thinks it's supposed to do… but a few bloggers actually consider the end goal of writing a blog. And while monetization may not always be the end goal, it certainly should not be overlooked.

blog monetization

In addition to the three blog monetization methods I outlined in the video, here are a few more:

Banner and Text Ads (sold directly - not though an ad network)
Paid Membership Section
Sponsored Posts
Paid Review Posts
Access to Premium Content 

As I promised above, you can find almost every major ad network, Aside from Google, under one on umbrella. Simply visit http://buysellads.com and take a look around.

And, now that you have a better idea of just how to benefit from blog monetization (again, I’ve just scratched the surface here), you may want to check this out.

blog monetization

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Do You Preach to the Choir?

It's shocking but most marketers don't actually preach to the choir. Instead they invest huge amounts of time and energy telling anyone and everyone about their business, product, or service… Most of these people don't care or don't need what they're being sold.

The fact is that most people don't like changing their minds. So as a marketer, why would you expend any time in trying to get them to do so?

According to Stephen Dubner over on the Freakonomics website, this is nothing new. He recounts the story of Ignatz Semmelweis, who had a tough time of convincing the 19th century medical community about the importance of washing their hands between treating patients. The "sophisticated" doctors of the time had strongly held beliefs that it was unnecessary, and were not going to change their ways even if the science suggested they should. Of course, today, we know better... except that we actually don't fully embrace what the above lesson teaches.

Today's video is all about why you need to start doing so, and how, when you do, it will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing.



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