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The Road To Hapiness!

What will it take for you to be happy?

Benjamin Franklin pointed out that, "The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up to it yourself."

A lot of us pin our happiness to external factors...if only we had more money...or a better house...or whatever your latest "want" is, but your happiness has been...and always will be... right inside yourself.

That concept is liberating because it finally puts you in charge of your own happiness. That's why I'm excited about the latest book that BJ Gallagher and I teamed up to write, The Road to Happiness. Many of you are familiar with the special "touch" that BJ brings to her books through her stories and her original poetry.

An excerpt from:

The Road to Happiness:

by Mac Anderson and BJ Gallagher:

When I travel on business, I like to talk to the taxi drivers who take me from the airport to my hotel, or to a convention center, or to a restaurant. Taxi drivers are often immigrants with interesting personal histories and unusual cultural backgrounds. I ask them how long they've been in America, how they chose which city to live in, and what they like best about where they live. Of course, I also ask them for advice on good local restaurants and any special attractions they'd recommend to a visitor. I've had some great experiences on my travels, thanks to the advice of taxi drivers!

On one trip about ten years ago, I was making conversation with the taxi driver, asking him my usual questions about how he came to live where he lived. Then I asked him a hypothetical question: "If you could live anywhere in the world—and if money was no object—where would you live?"

Without hesitating even for a second, he replied, "I live in my heart. So it really doesn't matter where my body lives. If I am happy inside, then I live in paradise, no matter where my residence is."

I felt humbled and a little foolish for my question. Of course he was right—happiness is an inside job. He had reminded me of something I already knew, but had forgotten. If you can't find happiness inside yourself, you'll never find it in the outside world, no matter where you move. Wherever you go, there you are. You take yourself with you.

I am grateful for the wisdom of that taxi driver. And I'm grateful for all the wisdom others have shared with me about how to be happy.

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Being part of an Amazing Company!

I have joined quite a few business opportunities that sounded great, haven't you? I mean, I have done the matrix thing, the mlm thing, ebay thing, even tried a chain letter thing once. Talk about frustrating.

But, yet I kept searching. Because somewhere, somehow people are succeeding at making money online. Right? But, how on earth do you find, "the one"? I kept on searching.. years and years.

Ok, so I came across Global One one day... so, I thought... "Ok, here's another one...” Yeah, right, I thought... I set out to find out what was wrong with it. I Googled it, Youtubed it, went to all the scam forums...

Guess what..?? I could not find anything negative. Even the scam sites were raving that this is a great business!! I'm thinking...Ohh; I believe I want to pursue this.

I decided to join. I was this excited and I wanted to get started right now!! But, in due time I got in. I am really ecstatic to be part of this amazing company.

You know. Words cannot fully express how well this works and when you share it, others want to be part of this as well. The support is wonderful. Seriously.

Now, I invite you to go to my website and once you have discovered you would like this for yourself, simply join for free. At that point you are not committed to anything, but it shows your interest. You will get an email personally from me to explain the business and share some webinars with you.

Have a good day all, and feel free to share this blog, it is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again for your time.

Tommy Knighton
Global One

There are so many opportunities out there that it’s hard to pick the right one. Come and Join a Proven Company!


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Always Apply Yourself And Be Above Average!

All of us want to be the best we can be. But sometimes, all too often in fact, we become mired in mediocrity. Our choices seem overwhelming—we're suffering from analysis paralysis.

All successful people are faithful in the small things. There is power in taking small steps.

Many people are not moving forward today simply because they were not willing to take the small step placed before them. If you have a dream to go into any particular area, you should leap at the opportunity—no matter how small—to move in the direction of your dream. For example: if you dream of being a college basketball coach and are sitting at home waiting for an invitation from Roy Williams at North Carolina University, you should know that call will never come. You need to find an opportunity to coach somewhere, anywhere. Find a young person, a young team. Jump in and coach with all of your heart, like you would if you were coaching at the highest level.

Don't be afraid to take small steps. There's something powerful about matter how small. Many times the impossible is simply the untried.

If you are at a point of paralysis in your life because of what you feel you're supposed to do, the words today are, "Do something!" Don't worry about the long-term goal right now; just take the steps that take you past the starting point. Soon you'll get to a point of no return. As you climb higher, you'll be able to see much farther.

As you begin, don't be afraid. Eric Hoffer said, "Fear of becoming a 'has-been' keeps some people from becoming anything." Every great idea is impossible from where you are starting today. But little goals add up, and they add up rapidly. Most people don't succeed because they are too afraid to even try. As incredible as it sounds, they decide in advance they're going to fail.

Many times the final goal seems so unreachable we don't even make an effort. But once you've made your decision and have started, it's like you're halfway there. Start—no matter what your circumstances. Take that first step!

It's simple. Grow wherever you're planted.


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Making A Positive Difference by Stepping Up!

Listen carefully to successful people all over the world and they will tell you one thing. Opportunity quietly surrounds you. Information and knowledge are within your reach. Prosperity is silently knocking at your door. Victory mysteriously awaits you. Subtle and elusive as it may seem, there is no scarcity of success. It is available to all of us. The only real problem is how we choose to respond to the unlimited abundance that is ours for the taking. Do we accept it or reject it? Do we allow it or resist it? Do we demand it or dismiss it? Do we take it in or turn it away?

Stop and ask yourself: How do you see the world? How do you see yourself in the world? How do you see your relationship with the world? Do you see the opportunity? Do you believe it is yours for the taking? Do you feel worthy of success? Do you feel deserving? Are you asking for it? Are you looking for it? Are you listening for it? Are you open to it? Are you allowing it to manifest in your life and your presence, or have you convinced yourself that you do not qualify for one reason or another? Are you seizing the opportunity to advance yourself and the world in a mutually beneficial way or are you putting it off for another day? Are you expecting success or suspecting it? Are you even aware the choice is up to you?

In other cases, proactive people are advancing themselves without being asked or encouraged. They just do it, often surprising the people around them. They use the ten "take-aways" described in this book to tap into their true potential. This illustrates that we do not need permission to step up. We do not need to be told to do it, or even asked. We can apply these take-aways to our personal and professional lives wherever and whenever we want. The key is to know that we can step up and then to know how!


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Learn How To Make Your Money Work For You!

1. Are you frustrated and struggling to make money online -- trying one failed program after another?

Traditional forms of earning money having taken a huge hit lately with the recession and economic downturn. People are now rushing online in order to satisfy the appetite of finding infinite commissions.

The internet is awash with many programs, much of them still not meeting the financial needs of people. Many programs are costing people money which only ends up worsening their situations. However one particular company is the diamond in the rough.

A company called Profit Clicking is making online earning easy, reliable and very profitable. Paying since 2010 the company is transforming lives.

2. Learn How to make Your Money work for you by getting paid daily and increasing your earnings with Profit Clicking

We are all trying to make extra money and willing to get creative to do so. Many people do many things in order to accomplish this. They scrimp, save, work harder, sell household items and wave goodbye to once cherished items such as cars, bikes and nostalgic memories.

One such way is to make use of the internet. There are many alternatives that can and will help people remove that gnawing pressure stemming from money concerns. One successfully proven and exciting way is through a business called Profit Clicking!

Purchase products, earn daily and start living today with Profit Clicking!

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Thank You Terri Pattio and Albert!

I want to take the time to thank Terri Pattio for inviting me to join Syndication Express. Syndication Express is a great place to network and associate with fellow Entrepreneurs. Syndication Express Members help each other to build each other’s businesses. You also get some great things when you use Syndication Express like:

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That’s just naming a few of the benefits for becoming a member of Syndication Express. It’s also FREE TO JOIN. So come and take advantage of branding yourself and your businesses at Syndication Express.. Join Syndication Express


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Profit Clicking Is Just Awesome!

Earning $100 or more every day in referral commissions is a lot of fun. Profit Clicking is working as promised. Jump in right now and make some easy money!


Subject: This Is a No Brainer!


I'm going to get straight to the point, without any hype because this opportunity speaks for itself.


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Make up to Triple Your Income Within 80+ days.

No Sponsoring or Recruiting required in order to get paid.

Absolutely NO Cost to Join - 100% FREE!

The company will give you $10 to start with just to show you proof that the system works.

They have an 8 year track record.

They are Ranked in the Top 300 Most Visited Websites in the World as well as the U.S.

You can literally start earning money within the 1st 24 hours of joining.

Well, there you have it. This is a true "NO BRAINER" because you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain!

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And don't worry, you can thank me later. :)


My name is Tommy and in a moment I will invite you to check out a unique, Fun and Profitable Company!

But first, I want you to close your eyes (not really) and Imagine...Waking up every morning knowing that you are part of a business that:

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Makes you money overnight while you are sleeping!

Does not require any sponsoring or selling!

Pays you like Clockwork Each and EVERY Day!

Pays you $10 when you join so you can test the waters!

Everyone Earns and No Experience is Required!

Rewards you greatly for sharing this business with others!

Now Open your eyes (just kidding) and click on the link below to learn more about this Amazing Opportunity:

To Your Success,

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Tommy Knighton

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I’m writing this Press Release in support of a very talented Gospel Artist that I had the privilege of meeting several years ago. This guy has worked very hard throughout the years, and faced many temptations and challenges throughout the years. However through all of his struggles, he stayed committed to the Lord, and this young man has been blessed many times over. Of course he worked very hard, by staying up late many nights to Master his crafts and talent.

It’s easy for me to write a blog in support of Samuel “Ciryl” O’Banner, because his music is very inspiring and the message is so powerful that it played a major part in me turning my life around. I can sit here and write a book letting you know about the changes in my life, but all I ask is that you take a look at his website ( and just listen to some free samples. I’m sure you will like what you hear and support him. We’re all blessed just to be on this earth today, and should say “Thank You Jesus For Waking Me Up Everyday”.

For many of us we’re blessed just to be Successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, having a family and much more. So let’s not lose focus on who provide these Blessings “Thank You Jesus”!!

Thanks for reading and showing your support… GO IBO SPIRIT!


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Do What You Love!

Do what you love.

There is a huge difference between making a life and making a living; which one are you making right now? So many spend their entire lives trying to make as much money as possible so that they can afford to do what they really want later. It makes no sense to settle in life until you’re 65 so that you can retire and do what you want when you’re already WAY past your prime. We only live life once so why wouldn’t you want to spend it pursuing your bliss? To do anything else would be a tragic waste of the freedom you are allowed if you are reading this right now. Follow your bliss and you will be a thousand times more happy than your retirement date and 40+ years younger.

Choose your friends wisely.

You are affected far more than you think by the people you spend your time with. Do your friends share your values? Do they encourage you when you speak of your goals and dreams or do they scoff? Make sure the people around you are conducive to the lifestyle you want to lead or you will find yourself being dragged again and again into behavior that distances you from your desires. Friends with a habit of producing negative thoughts will especially hinder you. This can be a hard task to follow through with if you realize you good friend is one of these saboteurs, but you must be firm! Don’t let anyone get in the way of you being all that you can be.

Don’t burn bridges.

By that I mean maintain your relationships with people even if you think you are never going to see them again. For example, if you are quitting your job, don’t chew out your boss before leaving! You might run into him/her again later and life and wish you had never severed ties so harshly. You never know when you might need the help of someone you knew in the past. Plus there is already too much hatred in this world, why add more towards the people you interact with?


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True Friendship Is Like Sound Health!

Help others. I’ll just give you a plethora of reasons why this is a MUST:

Helping people has a ripple effect. If you help someone they will feel more obliged to help someone else, and so on. Pay it forward:

You grow by giving and helping others. It can change you in ways you never expected:

Your relationship with that person will become stronger:

It’s the most fulfilling thing you can do on this planet. It not only feels amazing physically, you also feel like a good person:

You might be able to call in a favor later when you need some help:

Karma (if you believe in it):

Because there are more people in this world than just you:

Set aside a specific time to worry each day. Ponder all of your problems and anxieties during that time so that they will not distract you during work or moments of pleasure. This way you can be extremely efficient with your time and avoid focusing on negative things as much as possible. If you get all of your worry out of the way and have the mental fortitude to keep from reverting back to them, you will be much happier on the daily.

Be honest at all times. Lies lead to nothing but trouble. Being known as trustworthy is an excellent trait to maintain and essential to having integrity.

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.


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Weekly Inspirational Thought

Families that sweat together, stick together. Okay, that may not be a pleasant thought, but the point is crystal clear. Healthy family interaction enriches each family member's emotional and spiritual health. The holiday season is a time for family interaction. Board games. Backyard football. Touring the city to see Christmas lights. Delivering turkey dinners to needy families. Christmas Eve candlelight service. A fun seasonal movie night. Opening gifts together. Meals with everyone at the table. Reading the Christmas story (Luke 2) out loud on Christmas morning.


 If this hasn't been the experience of your family, select one activity from the list above and do all you can to make it happen. If this is how your family interacts during the holidays, thank God for the blessing of time together. If you are living on your own and away from family right now, create holiday traditions with a group of friends—or become an "adopted" member of a family at your church or in your neighborhood. Ask God to make this a season of togetherness for you and those you love.


God, thank You for the people in my life. Be close to us this Christmas and draw us near to You and near to each other. Amen.

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Global One Is A Great Opportunity!

Global One!


I just recently signed up with a great company that will be launching real soon. It’s called Ultimate Power Profits. There will be 3 Compensation Plans. This is a great opportunity, so take advantage of it before it launches live (http://ultimatepowerprofits/tknight7)


Compensation Plan #1: Spinfinity

Spinfinity is a super cool and revolutionary compensation plan that has everyone very excited. Basically, all members of the business are placed in one straight line based on their join date. The membership is then split into 3 zones. The top two zones are pay zones, and the bottom zone is a non-pay zone. Every three days, the membership spins or rotates where the top group moves to the bottom, the bottom group moves to the middle, and the middle group moves to the top. An algorithm is used to assign dollar values to each position, where the top position in the top group has the highest payout, and the payout amounts descend to where the bottom position in the middle group has the lowest payout. Therefore, you will receive a payout every 3 days, unless you are in the non-pay zone. This ensures that every member will get paid a minimum of every 6 days, or 6 times per month, through Spinfinity. As far as the earning potential, it can vary greatly. It all depends on where you end up after each spin. It is possible for a member to join at the tin level for just $10/month, spin and end up in the top position, and end up earning over $100 in just one day! As with all the compensation plans, members also receive 20% matching bonuses on all of their referrals down to 5 generations deep.


Compensation Plan #2: GoGlobal Profit Pool

The GoGlobal Profit Pool is the compensation plan that requires the most work, though you do not need to refer others to earn. Through the GoGlobal profit pool, you accumulate points by giving away bid tokens to the iGoBidWin auction site. For every free token you give away that is used, you earn 1 point per token. Whenever a customer purchases tokens from your site, you earn 5 points every time these tokens are used. If you do not want to give away tokens, you can spend 5 tokens to put them in the companies "marketing machine" and they will market and give away the tokens on your behalf. Every 3 days, you are paid based on the number of points you have accumulated in that pay period. Therefore, with no referrals, you can receive up to 10 payouts per month through the GoGlobal profit pool. Also, like with Spinfinity, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep.


Compensation Plan #3: GoToInfinity

GoToInfinity is the easiest part of the compensation plan to understand. Simply put, it is a 3x10 company forced matrix. There is not a requirement to refer others, as it is possible to receive both spillover and spillunder from your team. GoToInfinity pays out every 3 days, or 10 times per month. Like with the other compensation plans, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep. However, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on everyone on your 4th level of the matrix, even if they are not within your first 5 referral generations.


Therefore, with no sponsoring, members can receive up to 26 payouts per month as a standard affiliate.


However, if you refer others, you can receive up to an additional 26 payouts per month for every referral down to 5 generations deep.

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