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1. Be A Ready Listener And Do Not Respond Until Your Spouse Has Finished Talking.
Proverbs 18:13 (NIV) says To answer before listening—that is folly and shame.”
2. Check For Understanding.
If you do not fully understand what your spouse has said, rep
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Mocked and Belittled For Acts of Kindness

Mocked and Belittled For Acts of Kindness?


The very definition of kindness is to give without expectations of a return. It doesn't matter if they deserve it or not. I do my best to always be kind to others, for this action I've been called weak, stupi

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We Love The Warm Fuzzes Because It Humbles Us

Things that humble us is what warms our heart, which makes us feel wonderful. You, unless you have ice in your blood felt it when you first saw this tiny Santa puppy!
I think some people feel that being hum
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A Cowboy, Veteran, and a Donkey All Meet on a Highway.(Punch Line)...


My husband had ran to the town down the road to pick up some auto parts and as he drove up the highway he noticed there was what looked like a homemade buggy pulled by a small donke

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