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  • I am good thank you Ron and always enjoy your posts.

  • How are you Merle? Thanks for the visit 

  • That's the life Ron !!

  • How are you Sandy? Yes the "wet" added adventure to the day. The life guard said we couldn't get in the water, so the water came to us lol  Thanks for your visit  

  • But, Ron getting wet was a small price to pay for the joy of a day at the beach :)

  • This was the scene just before the wave washed up on shore and grabbed everything you see here. Fortunately it dropped everything off before the current went back out. I just sat there and got wet and everything else was grabbed (except for the chair behind Terri which she grabbed when she took off to avoid getting hit). No left over food :(  
    Now we know why the beach was closed. I have been told and I know it now to be true - "Do not turn your back on the water in Kauai". Yes everyone was ok (just I and things got wet).

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