7 Vital Keys We All Need To Become Successful


7 Vital Keys We All Need
To Become Successful 

We all need the proper mindset,
marketing strategies and skillsets


Are you drowning in Information Overload? How many training programs, eBooks, DVD's, and courses, have you purchased?

How many webinars and live events have you attended?

Did you APPLY what you learned before moving on to the next skill or method?

Yes, we all need training.. .


The Question Is:

Do you actually IMPLEMENT what you learn?



How Man
y Programs Are You Promoting?

Sometimes it's not the information that is creating overwhelm; it's the number of programs that we joined. Who can juggle all that and stay sane or do a good job of promoting so many things at once?

You need to decide on what you are passionate about and promote it. You do not need so many "jobs", many different offers that have nothing to do with each other.

Don't get me wrong, though. You can have one primary business that you are passionate about - and a system set up to offer people value and attract them to you, and you can also offer tools and training that help people get to their end goal. This all works SYNERGISTICALLY together to bring you the desired results. It doesn't DISTRACT you from your main purpose and goal - keeping you juggling things.


Everybody goes through this Process
** At Their Own Pace **


It's important to know and realize that everybody starts at the same place - at the beginning! Let's face it, we're not BORN with internet marketing skills! There is a road we need to travel in order to get to that wonderful place we call "success"!

Now, I want you to imagine that it's your very FIRST day of a new office job.

Would you just walk in, sit down and get to work?

Isn't there an Orientation first? Someone walks you through and shows you around, introducing you to various people. He shows you to your office, allows you to get acclimated . . . and then the TRAINING starts.

If you don't learn what to do and how to do it, you won't last very long at that job, right?
I think you will agree, we all need someone to show us around first and start the TRAINING!

What Do You NEED To Become Financially Successful Online?

Rule #1 Take Responsibility
There is more to online marketing than initially meets the eye. First of all, if you really want to make money online, understand that this is your business... so Treat it like your business - DON'T treat it like a hobby!

The hardest part of all may just be to "Show Up"! Because we have the luxury of working WHEN we want, we need to make a schedule and STICK to it. We need to hold ourselves accountable for the results we get. And we need to take responsibility more than ever now, because WE are our own boss!

You can create a life-changing income that NO job could ever offer! It will take work, but it is worth all the effort.

The Law of Income states:
You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver to the marketplace."

So let's get G-R-O-W-ing!


Let's go through 7 Vital Keys Needed To Become Successful:


Key # 1:
Your Mindset - Personal Development

It starts with what's between your 2 ears. Yes, it all starts with YOU, your Mindset, what you believe. How and what you think and your perceptions.

You see, it's all about YOU. Your 'inner world' reflects your outer world. This is not 'airy fairy' philosophy. It is true!

I'd like to suggest that you get and read "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. Another great book is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I also recommend "The One Minute Millionaire" by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. And one more, "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson will help you frame it all to take daily action, consistently until you achieve what you want.

Every TOP income earner that I know has gone down this same path. Some people take YEARS to FIND this path. Some NEVER find it! That's why they never get the success they want in their lives. You need to find this path. It is a process that NO ONE ELSE can do FOR you - no one else can walk this path for you. It is Mandatory.

Top income earners take the time needed to understand themselves and work on their own mindset and skills before making the big money.

The ones I see who are continuing to struggle, jumping
around from one program to the next, are overlooking
critical personal development.

"If you think you can't, you're right.
If you think you can, you may.
If you KNOW you can, you WILL!"

You can do anything when you believe, decide,
take action and persist until.

Taking this one step further. . .

From the head to the heart.heart.jpg?width=216

What you think and believe, derived from your core governing values, needs to go down into your heart. (This one, even some of the gurus miss)

Your heart is the seat of MOTIVATION. When something 'touches your heart', it MOVES YOU to take action. This is where all your emotions, feelings, and aspirations are stored. This figurative heart is the key to what motivates you to take action.

Picture this:
Two people are sitting at a very intense training webinar, learning the cutting edge methods of building an extraordinary income online. Afterward, one does nothing ... and the other one goes on to become a multi-millionaire.

What was the difference? Why did one become a success and the other one didn't? Yes, there are a number of things that we can list, but ULTIMATELY . . .


For the one who became successful, the information touched his heart and moved him to take action.

Those who just keep taking in knowledge who don't have it reach their heart... and who don't apply it, who don't IMPLEMENT it, have not been moved to take action.

Something is missing. What is it?

You Need to have a BURNING DESIRE.
Emotions stem from your heart.

For example, if you are passionate (a strong emotion) about helping others get out of debt to live a purposeful life, this will DRIVE you to take action when you learn how to do it.

You see, internet marketing, building a business online, being an entrepreneur, whatever way you want to frame it...

We are in "a People Business".

People Join People, not businesses or buildings. So, to attract people to you (instead of chasing them) you have to first be attractive! People who are like you will be drawn to you. We are in the attraction marketing industry... so how you influence and persuade others is paramount. You have to CARE about others more than your paycheck. The money will follow. When you GIVE, you GET. It's another law of the universe that never fails.

This involves more than having a business. It involves 'having heart'.

"Your income can grow only to the extent that you do!"

They key to having success, then, is to provide VALUE to others.
Help them get what THEY want... and you'll get what you want as a result.
Take the AGENDA out of the way. Just commit to helping others.


Key #2 Understand Human Nature

"Study People"

Understand human nature,
what makes people tick, how to communicate with them effectively.

Understand different personalities and how to use their own language, mirror them, and build rapport in just a few minutes... and build long-term relationships. This is an ART.

When you learn how to persuade and influence others (in a good way) you will MASTER Success.




Key #3 Understand the Industry

You can get a head start on this by picking up Mike Dillard's, "Magnetic Sponsoring" course. This is my suggestion...you can always decide for yourself - but it can help you start building on a STRONG FOUNDATION when you get started correctly. It can save you years of trial and error.

Here's 7 FREE Videos:


Key #4: Master Marketing

This is a very large subject, however, if you just take it one bite at a time... one step at a time, you will be implementing one method until you MASTER it... and then move to the next one.

tsturtle.jpg?width=200Slow and steady wins the race.
Remember, the turtle won.....
Stay the course. :)

One thing that will really help you move ahead swiftly in this area is a System that I found that has an Educational platform, gets you right into effective marketing strategies and list building immediately and is also a great place to SHOWCASE your business.

No matter what you do online, this is the formula:


You can learn Marketing Basics and Beyond!
There are many methods - You just pick the one(s) that suit your per
sonality and that you ENJOY.

* Social Media - Networking

* Video Marketing - YouTube

* Blogging

* Free and Paid advertising

* and much more!

Key #5: Creating Your OWN Sales Funnel(s)



It is very important that you stand out above all the noise on the internet. You are UNIQUE. There is no one else like you!

Did you ever see the same affiliate capture pages used over and over again? It's best to either advertise to capture people's attention or have a splash page so that you are Different. You can continue to set up the COMPLETE sales funnel, as outlined below OR use the System I'm using that takes care of all of that for you!


This is what is needed:

* Capture pages
* Thank You Pages
* Sales pages that convert
* Setting up your AutoResponder with email campaigns that keep them coming back for more!
* Building a list vs. building a BUYER'S List
(This is critical - the difference between a list of duds and a responsive list of buyers.)


Key #6 Master the PROCESS of Sponsoringwalkthruprocess.png?width=208

No matter how many leads you are able to generate, they are absolutely of no value, until you connect with them!

* Connecting with your prospects - Phone Them!
This one thing alone can change your financial future.
* Following up - Keeping them plugged in and on your team


Key #7 Training and Developing Leaders

* Stay connected with your team
* Invite them to your company and team webinars and trainings

* Do your OWN webinars to keep them moving forward (Optional, but helps retention)


Here is a Simplified 10-Step Formula for Success:


1. Be crystal clear on what you WANT
2. Know WHY you want it
3. Create a Burning Desire for it
4. Believe in it and in yourself
5. Make a Decision - a Commitment
6. Create A Plan of Action
7. Take Daily, Consistent Action
8. Focus - Do not get distracted
9. Persist until
10. NEVER Give Up


Proper Mindset + Skill x Massive Action = Success


Learn ~ Apply ~ Teach 


Make it a great day!

Loretta Helson

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