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9/11 Tribute The Day Our World Blew Up

9/11 Tribute The Day Our World Blew Up

By: Susan Boston

9/11 Tribute, thirteen years ago this day, our world as we knew it ended. It blew up in a billowing plume of what started out as white smoke turning to the black smoke of death.

Pretty much everyone even 13 years later can remember as though it just happened yesterday the horror, disbelief, confusion, and death that came 9/11. The innocents of America died right along with the 2,996 people that perished that day====>Read More!

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    Hi Terri,

    I do respect your opinion and I know there are many that feel that way as well. In the past I haven't written much about that day. I know people think that it's like rehasing it and drudging it up all over again but it's history and it will for ever be brought up.

    We must see that we learn from that history and keep repeating it so students of life will get it installed in their head that they should never take for granted that we are immune from this type of attack. 

    I didn't write it to bring up old hurts just to point out that we should always be vigilant and aware, because before this we were just kind of babe's in the woods with our thinking we can't be touched.

    Thank you for your insight :) and your comments I love hearing from you always.

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    The most saddest day is when Jesus was killed. I believe people must remember this day. Read John 3:16.

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    Thank you for the write up Susan. This is in the past (13 years ago) and yes it's very sad, however I don't feel it's good to keep rehashing it. People need to have closure and for the sake of people who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. They will keep grieving each year and this is not a good thing to do, death is a part of life and none of us know how or when we will die. I am being honest, not heartless. I just believe we should allow the people who lost loved ones to move on and have closure. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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