9 Easy Tips To Create Self-improvement


Do you know there is a month dedicated to self-improvement?  Yes, there is and that month is September.  Being honest with oneself there is at least one thing about ourselves that need self-improvement.

                    Let us Start With These 9 Tips

Reading an inspirational book.

There are such a wide variety of these books on the market on self-improvement. Discipline oneself to read daily to keep your thoughts present which can create a protection for the mind.


Create at least six self-improvement goals

Such as: 

I will let go of past regrets and will release pain from my heart.

I will be aware of what I am eating habits.

I will show love to myself daily basis.

I will think before I respond to any situation.

I will be a better listener.

I will be aware of people who are less fortunate.


I will practice at least 15 minutes of meditation daily.

These are some of the scientific facts about the benefits of meditation.

It boosts Creativity, Immune System, Decrease Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Memory and many more attributes.


Finding your purpose.

 Some of the world population is trying to figure out why they are on this earth or why they were born. We know we are here to help improve humanity and only you the individual would know your purpose. Keep asking the inner you or the true you eventually you will be directed to your purpose. 

I learned from one of my teachers that there are 3 you's.

The you that you share with the world.

The you that you created based on your experiences.

 And the third you are the true essence of who you are that would like to manifest and become present in our lives.


Start a health program.

  For example, creating time daily for some form of exercise even if it means walking up a flight of stairs instead of the elevator.


Create some form of a 30 days challenge.

We all have some habit we want to rid off so create a challenge and instead find someone you will be accountable to. Or join a support group.


Increase your value to yourself. 



Create an investment portfolio for beginners. 


 Research ways to start investing in small amounts and eventually cash flow will increase.  


Make it a fun experience.                                                                                        

  I hope this article is valuable


Camille Cameron    

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