A Daycare

A Daycare

I love to be around babies and kids. I always dreamed of having a daycare and doing things for kids and their families.

In a daycare you can have a limit of kids in each room. You have to have plenty of help to take care of all the kids.In other words, For a number of kids you have to have a few adults to help take care of all the kids for each room.

I always wanted to be able to give back and help the families so I would help give out diapers, wipes and food. Just depends on what folks need these days would be what I would try to get for them.

I like to help the kids learn early in life to help get them started. I would like to have a learning classes for the kids. I think it's great that we have pre K now in schools. The kids love to learn more at a early age it seems like sometimes.I think it would be fun to Setup some arts and craft classes for the kids.

Make sure they had snacks and lunch thru out the day. Make sure they had plenty of time playing outside or have an indoor play center for them to run around and have fun in.

For the safety of the kids and the adults I think it's important to have video cameras in every room. I would never want anyone to hurt a child or have anything go wrong.

I would love to take the kids to a zoo and fun places like that every summer.

Well this was my dream years ago but now i'm working with Plexus Slim and enjoying every minute of it. I love to be able to do more then I would be able to if I was working a day job. I love having my own business and just enjoying life more. My health is better then it was before. I'm very happy for that. I still plan on doing more for others as I grow and every chance that I see that I can help someone I'm going to rather if it's money,food,health,or just anything really. I love to help people in anyway I can.

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Thank you and God Bless

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