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    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you mom was an amazing person everyone she ever met loved her and she raised me so I hope that I too can be as good as she was and kind to all. Thank you for the prayers Tuesday is the funeral at 2 so if you can please pray very hard then cause I'm guessing that's when I'll need it the most.

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    Hi Merle, Yes, he does answer prayers. I am so thankful your husband didn't have to suffer and I am so happy that mom didn't either. But I sure will miss her she was my only parent. Thank you so much for your comments.

  • This is beautiful tribute to your mom, Susan. I'll be praying that the Lord wraps His loving arms around you and your family and brings you His comfort. 

  • Hi Susan, I fully understand where you are coming from. I am not a religious person but when my husband was terminally I'll last year I saw him go down to 39kg and unable to do anything and I DID pray and said "please God do not let him suffer any more". Three days later he went peacefully. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Terri, thank you so much prayers help so much. Yes they had said a couple months ago she had a rare cancer and I was so worried about her being racked with pain. Thank you gain.

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    Susan sorry for your loss and I shall pray for you and your family doing this time. She is not suffering anymore and remember you always have the good memories of her. 

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