Abundant Thoughts--How Big are Your Dreams?

I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”  __Donald Trump

I am always reading, listening, or viewing a variety of materials on abundance, prosperity and success.  I remember something that Chris Jackson wrote in an article about abundance and thinking big and setting goals to reach the level of success that we desire.

He stated that success coaches tell us to “Think Big!”, set big goals, if you want millions, think in millions, there’s no need to settle for less. This is the advice from people who have successfully acquired lots of money by thinking big, it has worked for them. 


High profile teachers such as T Harv Eker, John Assaraf and Robert Allen, to name a few, all dreampt of being millionaires from an early age, yet, also experienced all kinds of ups and downs on the way to eventual success. They had fairly big dreams from the outset and succeeded in spite of every setback. But, what about those of us with more modest dreams? Is it more crucial that we think big or that we think true to ourselves? Can or should you force yourself to think big when what really interests you is the smaller stuff?

What are your true dreams? Big houses, cars, toys and long exotic holidays, never worrying about money again? Deeply satisfying work? Inner peace? Maybe you simply want to feel you have made a difference. Thinking very big is fine for Donald Trump but it doesn’t mean that if you start thinking of being a property tycoon that you’ll miraculously become one? No, to do that you’d have to think tycoon type thoughts persistently and accompany those with tycoon type actions for some time indeed and you won’t be able to follow through with any of that unless it is what you truly want.   Continue here...

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  • Thanks for this, Kathleen.  Big dreams of houses, cars and travel are not for everyone ... but dreaming big to bless others in big ways - that is my dream.

  • Great read Kathleen and have to agree with Susan.  I am also not looking to earn millions but just enough to be comfortable in my retirement.  Your post brought me back to 1986 when I worked in a small office and Richard Branson started out.  We had the job of dressing his Biggles Bears for his airline and he often came and visited.  Look at him now but then that is what he wanted.  Will share for you.

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    This is a great post and one close to my heart. I've worked with so many of the marketers that always put it out there dreaming big want more and on and on. I can relate to your post because I'm not one of those that wants travel and big houses and all that stuff you mentioned. I don't like to travel I had to grow up traveling my parents loved to travel.

    The big houses are not really for me I love my country home it's my dream house. So, not everyone has that same dream as you said.

    You do have to be who you are and work for that it is you want not what others think you should want.

    I loved your post and enjoy reading you very much.


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