Addicted To Food? - This Could Become Unhealthy

fast-food-signs-300x225.jpg?width=300Are you addicted to food?:Is Food Addiction Just Lack Of Control?

There are many different things that a person can be addicted to, but food addiction has to be one of the toughest addictions to break.

Fast food restuarantsr pop up everywhere today, and for an addict these quick fixes are just what the they are looking for.

Food is necessary to survival, so you can't give it up like you can with other things such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

Are you addicted to food? It seems like it wouldn't technically be possible, but research has shown that some people actually have an addictive personality when it comes to eating food.

Addiction--To Food?


We all probably know someone who suffers from food addiction, but may not understand how critical this compulsion can be.

A good friend of mine has struggled with food addiction and binge eating for years. She says it's a way of medicating herself. She gorges to calm down after a hard day at work and even fixes a big snack as a sedative before bed. She's been known to steal her son's treats.

She eats until the entire container is gone, then looks for another. Often she'll dip cookies in her ice cream, and she's even designed recipes that include her favorite snacks together.

It's not a matter of what's around the house, she'll drive through raging snow storms to get her snacks.

Her "snacks" include a gallon of ice cream, a box of cookies, candy bars, crackers, anything that's quick and available. Often she'll go from one fast food window to the next to get the different foods she likes.

Her car if littered with empty containers, burger wrappers, drink containers, empty cookie boxes, you name it, it's in there.

You might ride with her once, but not many people will willingly accept another ride from her, especially in the summer, Whew!

Are you addicted to food?: Science suggests that you can be hooked on chocolate, cookies, and chips. 

How can researchers be so sure it's not just a lack of control on the part of the patient? After all, addiction and low willpower are not the same thing. What the researchers did was hook people up to brain reading machines, and compared the active parts of the patient's brains.

They discovered that some people who thought about food had the same reactions as drug addicts who were thinking about drugs. This indicates that food addiction is very real.

Just like any other addiction, food addiction needs to be taken seriously. Going through a twelve-step program, talking to your doctor, or attending inpatient treatment are all possible course of action for getting your addiction under control.

5 Steps To Help With Your Food Addiction

Here are a few more things you can do to help keep your food addiction in check:

1. Keep a food journal. Write down the food you eat, when and where you eat, who you are with at the time, how you're feeling before you eat, and how you feel after you are done eating.

Just being aware of your eating is often enough to get you to make improvements to your diet. Having a food journal will also help you to recognize eating patterns, for better or worse.

2. Slow down and savor your food. Food addiction is difficult because you have to eat, but how you eat will make a difference in how you perceive food. Don't gulp down your food without giving it any thought. Instead, take your time when eating, and make a habit of savoring every bite.

3. Find out what your triggers are, and then do your best to avoid them. As you start to pay more attention to your eating habits, you will notice that certain things cause you to eat.

For example, maybe you always pig out on potato chips while watching the evening news; if so, then not watching the evening news would mean you are avoiding a food trigger.

4. Eat for nutrition, not for comfort. Imagine only eating because you are hungry and want to fill your body with the nutrients it needs. This may seem like a dream if you are addicted to food, but it can be done.

Before you eat, ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you aren't hungry, then don't eat. If you are hungry, then take a moment to remind yourself of the true purpose for eating, and then make food choices that do a better job of accomplishing that purpose.

5. Involve yourself in a supportive team approach. We recommend that folks team up with other like-minded folks and approach their fitness goals the same way girlfriends do, when they go to the gym. One way you can do that is with our 90-Day Fitness Challenge - visit:

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  • Anything done in excess is bad. Thanks for sharing Erel.

  • Wow a topic that is very important to me.  Food addictions.  Did you know that many manufacturers add chemicals to the junk food just to make us want and eat more?  Adding more fruit and vegies into our meals is the way to go.  I have been learning aboutthis  since past January because I changed from eating junk food, dairy products, pork, beef, fish, poultry and processed foods for 50+ years to vegan meals/lifestyle.   Eating the proper types of food can prevent so many illnesses and diseases as well as help  us to cure some of them.  Doctors do not want the public to know that though.  Well done choosing this as your interest/niche.  I really look forward to reading more of your articles.  Thank you so much! 

  • Quality article Erel on a much needed topic.  We have way too much obesity these days.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks everyone, please spread the word. We are on a mission to enhance and restore the quality of people’s lives and strengthen their overall core health and wellness and offer them the inspiration and hope they need to live their healthiest and best lives ever.

  • Awesome Post Erel. Thanks for posting. Lots of great info here.

  • Great information here Erel. Sharing this for you! You will help a lot of people if they take your tips and turn them into action.

  • So true and I also have a chocolate addiction but have it under control now by going to weekly Weight Watchers meetings.  Thanks for sharing this great information.

  • Active Member


    Wonderful post and yes there are food addictions and not for all food all the time. What many call a craving is not just an innocent craving but a food addiction. For me it's Chocolate. I will do some of the methods you described.

    Thank you,


  • Top Member

    This is a very serious issue for some, and it is occurring more these days. This has to stop because it can kill if this type of behavior continues for an individual. Sharing your post.

  • Thank you so much Ann.

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