All is Well in the Lives of All Beloveds

The Daily Meditation 06.23.2013

All is Well in the Lives of All Beloveds

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister


One Life.  I see It, proclaim It, know It. I inherently understand it because It is my Life and the Life of everyone and every creature known and unknown.  This Life travels through all dimensions creating from Itself, knowing Itself, loving Itself through all of Its creations.  I am so grateful to know this.

I affirm and declare in this moment pure and true alignment with this one life.  I am aware at every moment at this alignment is the Love of Life coming through and as me.  As I align, any energy, person, place, or thing that no longer serves me and my highest good falls away never to return.  Life’s only pleasure is to know itself through and as me.   This is the truth for me and for everyone who reads this prayer.

I affirm and declare joy and a happy summer.  Whatever we are seeking we find and whatever we find, we know is for our highest good.  I am the beloved and so all is well, and all is well in the lives of all beloveds.

I gives thanks for this knowing, and I give thanks for all the love there is.  I am so grateful for the spiritual community known as the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living. Thank you, Life!

With complete release, I proclaim, “And So It Is!”

Rev Martha Quintan is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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