All the Perfectly Right People, Where Do They All Come From?

Those perfect, never making a mistake people, who are exceptionally beautiful, phenomenally intelligent and always perfectly right had gotten on my last nerve. 


I didn’t know where they came from, but I thought I knew where they could go. 

One of the first things a person should learn and never forget is that most things that you do can be done in as many ways as there are people on this earth.  You may be able to boil down a system to a few steps, but you cannot list every sub-section of each step to be taken.   Just take cleaning up after dinner.  Simple enough huh?  In every home you go into that will be done differently.  You could even look at the way different people brush their teeth.  How many ways have you seen that done? 

But, what about business systems, you ask?  Those are only as many as there are stores, gurus or farmers market vendors. 


So, when I ran into people who seriously, almost religiously took their way of doing business, or their systematic approach to be the ‘bible’ of how to do business-I’d be amused.  And not only that, I would be resistant. 

My first draft of this PR had a very sarcastic tone to it.  I’m happy I didn’t post it.  It’s funny that lessons come all jumbled up it seems then they all suddenly make sense. 

You see when you go through a valley, you begin to think negatively.  That negativity shows up in what you do and how you do it.  I was in a valley and I was mad.  I mentally put ‘horns’ on people who reached out to me.  I was in the throes of rabid negativity.  I snapped and bit, growled and barked.  I am so glad somebody threw a tranquilizer.  Actually it was more than one person.  But their efforts had a cumulative and calming effect.  Once I was calmed, I was able to listen and really hear the lessons and instruction they were giving me. 

Instead of feeling like ‘everybody is talking at me and I can’t hear a word their saying’ I got the point of it all.  The point is to keep going.  Keep taking steps.  Don’t worry about the ‘how’ just take the steps the way you take them.  Don’t worry that he says ‘that site doesn’t work’ but she says ‘that same site does work’.  The point is for you to find what works for you.  Just keep taking steps. 

I took the hand nearest me with my right hand and they pulled and held on.  I got the point of their lesson and put my left hand in the hand of a person a little further up and they pulled and hung on while I positioned my feet on ever higher levels of understanding.  The collective goodwill from others gathered around my rescue strengthened me and those holding and pulling me.  Being connected is such an awesome thing.  It’s like a ‘barn raising’ or ‘well digging’ community works that may look like it’s for one person or family but is beneficial to the whole community. 

My plans for the day were interrupted all day yesterday.  One of the things on the list was writing that poisonous PR.  When tomorrow comes I’ll get these things done, I thought.  Then a call for help came and I was up most of the night.  The thing that began with him asking help, turned into him helping me.  His was the hand that brought me off the valley floor. 

All the Perfectly Right People, Where Do They All Come From? They came from their valleys.  3818709057?profile=originalThey overcame.  They kept going, they did not give up.  And they are telling you and me how they overcame, not that we have to do it exactly as they did, but as an example.  They told their stories as an inspiration.  They are not saying “Be me and do just as I did”.  That thought was born of the negativity in my own mind.  It was in my own mind that I began a litany “I’m so confused.  Why are they all telling me different things?”  It is my job to focus on how I do my business.  From the experiences of many I get to choose what I do, what I try, how I put my system of operation into effect.  How I do my business is never going to be exactly like someone else’s.  My exercise of my choice is mine. 


And your choice is yours, too.  You may be in a valley as you read this.  I hope that you can begin to see the ‘helping hands’ that are extended to you.  The words and ideas shared by people you are connected with, are ‘helping hands’.  It is up to you to zero your attention onto that one or two closest to you in spirit.  Concentrate, focus and pull up and out of the funk you are in.  All those others cheering you on can sound like a din.  But, words and ideas are physical and effective in pushing or pulling you toward your goal of getting out of the valley and on to the success that you want.  Focus on getting up. 

All the Perfectly Right People, Where Do They All Come From? They came through their own valleys and developed their own systems of operation to gain the success they have.  They want you to be successful too. And you can be!  Your system, your way of doing business successfully is in you and you use it every day.  You do it so well that you have become ‘unaware’ of what makes you authentic and gives you the ability to influence.  When you focus and pay attention to developing that part of yourself, you will be known as one of the ‘perfectly right people’ on a regular basis.  You will be one of those providing ‘helping hands’ on autopilot.



Bessie Mathis


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  • Brilliant post Bessie.  I agree with what everyone else has said.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Learning from listening, watching and practicing require being open to it.  Resisting all the time is not beneficial.  I'm learning that fear is the number one cause of resistance to learn and change.  You are right all of you Terri, Dr Salvato and Carolyn thank you for your comments sharing your point of views adds to my understanding. 

  • Powerful post! We all go through those valleys. What we learn there is essential for whatever comes next. You're right about doing things your own way. Look at other ways, learn from them, then develop your own style. It's part of what makes us who we are.

  • Top Member

    My dear Bessie, you have written this brilliantly. Your road to success will happen when you work on you more than you work on your business. It is personal development, we all have to go through it to get rid of the negativity and bad programming we have received from our parents, school teachers, friends, relatives, etc.  Your parents told you to go to school, then college and get a J.O.B. Bad programming is why so many people are in debt and having financial failures. There is a better way and you nailed in this post. Shared this everywhere.

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