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All we need to do is LOOK!


Hi Everyone!

I added an exclamation mark instead of a comma because of what you are about to discover. 

I have been an online marketer for over twenty years.  I struggled for way too long, about a year to a year and a half.  I believe that most of us are not willing to stick with it for that long.  At that time, information and training were scarce.  Today, it is abundant. but often, today's training benefits the trainer more than the trainee.  What I share is free and it is based on free (free tools and free resources).  

The purpose of this post is to share a simple trick that has helped me and will help you as well.  

The trick is to look at our competition, but I want to add an extra twist. HUH?  

When I look at the competition, I am looking at things such as content and SEO, including keywords and backlinks.  All are important, but there is another aspect that I recently noticed that I sort of do without thinking, so it is a trick that I have not shared since it is happening almost automatically.

This is a snapshot of a recent video search on YT. 


Notice that my video is showing up on page one of YT search almost at the top, the #3 spot in 30 minutes for free.  If you want to learn how to make this happen, how to make money on YT, and never have to be on camera or make a video, I invite you to visit my Faceless Video training series.

But that is NOT what this post is about.  It is about the VISUAL part of looking at our competition.  By visual, I am referring to the overall look of a website, or in this case, thumbnails.  

When we check out our competition, we need to ask.  Is there a particular visual aspect or theme?  Is there a visual component that our competition is using that we can emulate?

In the case of a website, the visual 'feel' or the use of images to help tell a story or set a mood, or create a vibe, can do more than we realize.  

Above, there are three thumbnails, what is the common thread?  Ronald McDonald, of course. 

That VISUAL aspect may help this video to get Millions of views.  It can also help you to get visitors to stay on your site, or get the views you need.

Getting on page one of YT search is awesome, and I encourage you to check out my training, so you can do the same...


you have to be able to get clicks once your video is there.  That is where taking a LOOK (visually) at our competition can bring our efforts to fruition.

NOTHING, in my opinion, is going to replace quality content, but I have seen so many marvelous video channels and websites that are not getting the traffic and exposure that they deserve.  

More traffic is the answer, which is where my training can help, and gaining visual clues from our competition is the icing on the cake.


What you see above is a recent snapshot.  I share this to show you that this content is based on personal experience, a new YT channel that is using the Faceless Video strategy to make money on YT.  It is a new channel, a little over a week old.  The point is that the info you receive is firsthand.  

Will the Mcdonalds' video get a million views?  It might! 

It is a 'compilation'. Compilations get more views. (learned from LOOKING at the competition)

It is on page one and in the #3 position, it will be seen.  (see my training)

Visually, it emulates my top-ranking competitors, so it should get clicks.  (learned from LOOKING at the competition)


Our competition will tell us what we need to know, so let's take the time to LOOK.


Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  I invite you to visit my Internet Marketer Training channel for more free training.

PPS.  The video below includes a bonus commercial that is ranked in the top 100 best ads ever.

This is NOT what my competition is doing.  I am adding a 'being different' tactic.   

Will it work?   I don't know if I do not try.  

📺6 Classic McDonalds Commercials From the 90s

And A Bonus Classic TV Commercials

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    Notice any difference in the thumbnail?  The original got ZERO clicks.  Not everything works, no big deal.  When stuff does not work, even though it should, we tweak it.  

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