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The Absolute Fastest Way To Get FREE Traffic

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The Absolute Fastest Way To Get FREE Traffic


Above is a brand new TT channel, about 12 hours old.


What is the Absolute Fastest Way To Get FREE Traffic?

What you see above is a brand new channel that I created on TikTok.  I created it for a "personal' reason as well as for business. 

My Personal Reason:

I am not a guru or expert at TikTok.  In fact, TikTok is one of my weaker areas, however, I have what I believe is enough TikTok knowledge and experience to take a TikiTok channel from scratch to a respectable channel, hopefully, in a short period of time. That is my intention, but here is what is in it for YOU!

In future posts and videos, I will be sharing

  • how to create TT videos totally for FREE!
  • how to create FACELESS videos ~ there is no need to get in front of a camera
  • how to use AI to create the voice ~ there is no need to talk
  • how to make videos that get clicks
  • how to make videos that get followers  
  • how video creation is drag and drop easy ~ anyone can make these videos with ease ~ free software does all the work

This TT video above (also on YT, this is the YT version) includes a short funny story (joke), followed by a CTA.  This strategy works on all media!  

I know that you may be reluctant when it comes to creating videos, but as you probably know TT (and YouTube) are a huge source of traffic. I, therefore, invite you to give my future TT training videos and posts a chance.  


As you can see there are only two videos on this channel, so I am really lazy!  At the time of this snapshot, the channel is about 12 hours old.  344 views is not a million, but it is the very first video with ZERO followers, so not a bad start for just 12 hours.  The traffic is all organic and 100% free.  I included a link in the CTA to a free downloadable ebook that is on fire.  It is from Paid Online Jobs.  

In this second short video, you will see how to access this vendor.  You can get your own re-brandable ebook with your own affiliate link for free. 

This private YT video is the TT version of the second video published on TT.  Notice the invideo watermark. The first video was made with my own software (paid), this one was made totally free with invideo.  Invideo is not just free, it is so easy to use. 

The second video has a different strategy and is a very different video.  The strategy is what I call 'how to', it is a how-to video.  The big plus about a how-to video (and funny stories or jokes, as in the 1st video) is that people will stay to the end!  When they stay, they actually get to the CTA, which has a profound benefit for YOU, in terms of getting click-throughs!  If you have not yet watched the videos, you will see that the CTA in the second video is to FOLLOW! A TT channel or a YT channel is a little like a mailing list, the more subscribers, and....ready for a big $$$$ secret...the best way to get people to take action is to ask them or to tell them to take action. 



In my opinion, video is the best way to generate free traffic.  I believe that TikTok is the fastest, followed by YT and Instagram, and let's not forget Syndication Express.

FYI:  Based on my experience, SE consistently outperforms Facebook for traffic, so when you post your video on social media, be sure to include SE.

You are probably aware that TT videos are capable of going viral  This can mean thousands or even millions of views almost overnight. It is not just your video that explodes, your channel will also explode!  I have had the pleasure of this kind of snowball effect many times pertaining to websites, I expect to have it on TT.  So far, my best video is a little over 2K views in 12 hours, a relatively low hurdle to surpass. 

How this will help you is that I will pass on exactly what I am doing in a step-by-step manner, so you can not only get on TT, but you will also enjoy fast growth on TT and The Absolute Fastest Way To Get FREE Traffic!


Humor! Enjoy this short funny story. 


What A Weekend!

For a weekend break, three old university buddies trek to Tijuana, Mexico to delight in a get-together.

Well, they hadn't seen each other for plenty of years so the tales were long, the laughs were loud as well as the booze really did circulate that evening.

They had such a good time, they all got up the following morning to find themselves in jail.

None of them could remember anything. However, within a number of hours, they discover they are all headed to the electric chair the next morning.

The next morning they're all escorted to death row, where Craig,  the first of the group is strapped into the electric chair. Craig is asked if he has any last words.

" Sure," Craig responds. "I'm from the Catholic College of America and I count on the power of almighty God. I am innocent and God will certainly intervene."

The switch is thrown, however, absolutely nothing happens.

Well, the jail staff can't believe this turn of events. They ask Craig's mercy and set him free.

Second, for the chair is Gary. He's strapped in, he's offered the chance to say his last words.

" Well, I'm from Harvard Legislation Institution," claims Gary, "as well as I believe that the power of all-natural justice will intervene because I'm innocent."

Once more, the death squad tosses the switch however nothing happens.

Once more the prison staff beg for Gary's mercy and release him.

Ultimately, Mike is strapped into the chair and once again he's asked if he has any last words.

" Well," claims Mike. "I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT and I can inform you right now, you will not be electrocuting anyone if you don't plug in the chair."



Thank you for reading and allow me to wish you much success on your online journey.

Goerge Pierce

PS.  I invite you to visit my YouTube channel for free affiliate marketing training:

PPS.  Wondering why TT videos are on YT and vice versa?  SE did not accept TT videos, but it does accept embed code from YT.  As you may have already guessed, my training will also include how you will get double duty (with minor changes) from your videos. You will be able to use them on both YT and TT.  You will be able to send traffic from two video giants to your offer, website, squeeze page, and so on!

To Continue Your Training:

Faceless Video Training Series

Faceless Videos For TT Pt 2





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  • Top Commentor

    Really insightful video, George. I have a Tik Tok account but I haven't done ANYTHING with it. 

    It may be a viable option to go with though. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      It is a great way to create traffic, but it is still a social site, so interaction is part of the price that we will have to pay.  You will also find that TTers use messaging a lot.  It is still worth it, thanks, John.  I have seen several YT channels explode due to TT. 

  • Top Member

    There is much power in this post. I been meaning to get a TikTok account. I will be doing that and learning more about the site. Your post is a great training about it too. If you say it's good I believe and will work at it. Thanks for the funny at the end. LMAO this morning. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      More and more people are using TT for traffic, I know TT is presently the best free traffic method.  The best part is that results are almost instant, both good and bad, so TT helps to let us know what works and what does not work almost immediately. thanks, Terri. 

  • Top Commentor

    I'd recommend that readers do not forget to plug in to your videos and tutorials George. Yes, when they do they're in for a big shock! The kind that makes the hairs on your neck bristle, your inbox go crazy and your bank balance explode. Those willing to embrace this electric opportunity should join your power line - now!

    • Top Video Contributor

       What is great is that I get all the fun, and I get to learn each time. I hope that I can convey that 'enjoy the journey' thrill in my posts.  Thanks, Tom, I will do my best to make it electrifying.

    • Top Member

      Trust me George Pierce you do that every time you publish a blog post or share your video training here. You're helping a lot of people with your #Youtube channel. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Thank you, Terri.  I am trying to give back, I had such a rough start, so I feel that a lot of really good talented people quit before they give themselves a chance to succeed. 

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