Are We An Over-Medicated Nation?

Are we an over-medicated nation? Let’s look at the numbers: Americans spent more than $300 billion on prescription drugs every year. Nearly half of all adults have taken at least one prescription drug in the last month. Nearly a third regularly use two or more.
Drugs can undoubtedly save lives, but in some cases prescriptions can sometimes mean treating or masking symptoms—without fixing the root cause of the health issue.
“Check out the top 9 most prescribed drugs in the United States

1.  For Pain

Hydrocodone/ acetaminophen, such as Vicodin

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  • All this is the result of trusting doctors. Unfortunately most of them learn to something AGAINST something. The fewest understand that every 'defect' has it roots in a lack of the body's functionality. For example: scientists have found out that in people with Diabetes the level of the master antioxidant Glutathione is low. Therefore the best 'medicine' would be something which empowers the body to produce more of this antioxidant. In accordance with scientific research there were first herbs, vitamins & co. Now science and breakthrough technology found a way to help the body to heal itself.

  • Good post, although it was a little frustrating knowing you were listing 9 things and only reading one before I had to go somewhere else. But it is good information. There's an old saying that if you're taking a medicine to fight the side-effect of another medicine, you're taking to many medicines. I've been doing some research on natural herbal remedies, but am just starting so I don't know that much yet.

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