Are You a "Pay it Forward" Person?


Browsing through the  videos of 60 Minutes on CBS tonight, I came across a breath-taking video which I felt compeled to share it with you.  In one way it has nothing to do with marketing health products, promoting a business opportunity or advancing a Christian worldview.  On the other hand  it has everything to do with all of the things I do and may be you do. You see, every day we have an opportunity to reach out and make a difference in another person’s life.  In the moment of connection you have a choice.  You can pour your heart into that relationship or you can keep the walls up.  You can be a “Pay it Forward” type of person or you can just think about yourself.


All of us have challenges in our lives.  And while you can’t control all of the things that happen to you, you can certainly control the meaning you give to those things.  In the end, that meaning will determine the direction of your life.


Jesus said, "...And a little child shall lead them.." So learn from a kid and become a "Pay it Forward" person and make a difference in your in family, your business, and your community.


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  • Truly inspiriational post, Stephen! Almost cried when I saw the video. If we are doing Network Marketing right then we have the opportunity to pay it forward every day. Thanks for sharing this and I will too. Blessings!

  • What an inspirational video.  Made tears come to my eyes.  Shared for you.

  • Thanks for sharing this motivating video Stephen.  It's important to "Pay it Forward" in life.  Liked and Shared.

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    Stephen I refer to paying it forward as being a go-giver. Anyway I believe they mean the same thing. I enjoyed your post as always and have shared on Google plus. Have you check out Syndication Automation yet? CLICK HERE to learn how it works.

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