Last week I received a call from Kelly who shared a simple business opportunity with me.  Before she even told me why she was calling she had my 'attention.'  You see Kelly is an influencer.  I look up to her as a role model as an influencer. 

Kelly is wise, uplifting, smart and a woman of character. Though I have never worked with her, I have watched h3818708671?profile=originaler grow personally and professionally. 

She has proven, through the years, that she knows how to build a business and duplicate her success by leading her team to do the same. 

Whatever Kelly has put her hand to - she has found over the top, amazing SUCCESS.   

As she talked about this simple business opportunity and shared her passion for the business my mind took a creative detour into the realm of possibilities.   I explored the host of What If's:


  • SIMPLE PLAN:  What if I followed the ILA simple business plan then taught others to follow this same simple method?
  • BECOME A LEADER:  What if being part of the support group enabled people to become leaders and influencers in their circle of influence?
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR: What if participation in this group meant we became effective communicators?
  •  HELP OTHERS:  What if we shared our success and passed it on - how many lives could we touch?

It was the fourth - 'What If' - that grabbed at my heart strings because I personally know many people living in poverty struggling to pay their bills and meet their basic daily needs.  The weight of financial stress can be crushing.

Though I am not prone to impulsive decisions, I signed up with Kelly that day. It was a no brainer. I am a new business owner who found the courage to begin
because I knew Kelly to be a successful leader and Influencer.   I am committed to following in Kellys footsteps knowing that as I follow her blueprint, I too will find success. 

It's that simple!

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  • Once again I am lifted by your words and so encouraged.  Mike, appreciate the insight - "Once I have developed the skill I can transfer it to any business and become successful."  I am hoping to transfer the skill to those in my group as one of my main goals is to help people out of poverty.  Angela, yes, I'm following a wonderful example who has proven to be a woman of character who has experienced and passed on her own success - thank you!!  Merle, so you are with ILA too.  How long?  I'm so brand new I hardly know what I am doing .. lol   God Bless you all and thanks for the encouragement! 

  • So true what you say Susan.  I am also with iLA and they are great apps and videos.  All the best.

  • The best vehicle to get you to your destination is following the one in front of you whose already been there.  Following a leader who has proven results will take you to your destination.  Really good post.

  • Finding and following a mentor is the oldest secret to success. I glad that you have someone and a program that you can follow closely and get the results they have. Once you have developed the skill you can transfer them to any business and become successful.

  • I am overwhelmed by your kind and supportive comments. Dustin, personal development does help people in ALL areas of life because each of us has a circle of influence; Those we touch for good, bad or indifferent. Dr. Salvato - you've interpreted my vision right on - no matter what happens, with such a small investment, everyone has an opportunity, with Inspired to Lead, to grow personally or professionally.  Dear Terri, you are such an encourager and I appreciate you!  Thank you for ALL you do for this community.  Also thanks for sharing it out to the Universe. :)

  • Thanks for sharing your story Susan. The title of the article got my attention. Gain in personal development helps in all facets of life

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    Being a good leader means that you are an intelligent follower. You were coachable, listened and learned the skills needed to succeed. Great post and I wish you all the best Susan. Sharing it out to the universe. 

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