Are You Driving With Brakes On?


Well, I just opened my email this morning and read this thought-provoking question in the subject line: Are You Driving With the Brakes On?

You see it was just Saturday morning that I attempted to pull out of my driveway, felt the sluggishness and resistance of the car and realized that I was trying to drive with the brakes on. First, I thought something was wrong with the car, but it was I who had the problem. There is a deeper application to this question which I wish to share:

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Are you making progress toward your goals and dreams? Are you sacrificing the negative attitudes and unproductive habits that are holding you back? I find that the speed of my progress is usually affected more by what I stop doing than what I start doing. What will you give up to get what you really want? If you think carefully you will find a few things that are slowing you down with out any benefit. It is like driving your car with the brakes on. It is slow and takes a lot more fuel, and it is really hard on the car. So release the brakes and notice how much easier everything feels. You have so many wonderful places to go--don't drive with the brakes on."
Stewart Hughes, CEO Unicity International
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 Release to Brakes!!
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  • Loved it Stephen, thanks for sharing.  Reminds me when I was trying to pull away (I have an automatic) and wondered why the car wouldn't move.  I had my foot on the brake instead of the accelerator !!!

  • Thanks Stephen,very powerful.

  • Excellent post Stephen.  Powerful perspective.  I'll share.

  • Top Member

    Hey Stephen you definitely nailed it. I have shared it on Google plus and it has already been shared via Syndication Automation. Have a great day Stephen.

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