Are you ready?  

I ask this sentence are you ready. We as human beings ask for things on a daily basis whatever or desires, goals and dreams. Question, do we make ourselves prepared and ready to receive what we ask for, from who or whatever is our higher power we give respect and homage too on a daily basis. I use a variety of terms such as source, infinite intelligence, divine,  infinite possibilities and the universe.


How do we get ready?

Yes, how do we get ready to receive all the wonderful things we ask for our lives.  There is order in everything on the planet, even in the universe. If there is order in the universe so it will be pertinent to get life in order. From my research these are a few steps to receive our abundance.

  1. Be very clear on what one want to manifest in their life. Keep a clear image in details. Remember thoughts create things.
  2. That is the image you would give energy to on a daily basis.
  3. Ask for what you want as clear as possible. The  universe do not judge you of who, what, when, where and why. What you ask for is what you will receive.
  4. Create an elevated energy , a feeling that will represent what you want. For instance one may want abundance the feeling or emotion will be freedom . Think of how freedom feels.
  5. It is not about effort or doing , it is about vibration. Keep staying in the vibrational fields because that is the journey.
  6. Start to live from the point of what you are seeking is already manifested. Find the feeling of abundance.
  7. Eliminate lack on all aspect and live from abundance.
  8. Stay in alignment daily which is clarity and keep the momentum going.
  9. When unhealthy thoughts and situations may appear stay centered.
  10. Find time daily to envision you goals and practice stillness.
  11. Listen to the thoughts and opportunities that will open up from the universe,
  12. Stay in the path and the path will find you, It is here and always unfolding just stay present.




Everything we are  seeking is present in our life. We do the internal work by releasing old habits and create a new you. Importantly stay in gratitude.

 Camille Cameron

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    Oh yes I like the message in this post. You have shared great tips and advice Camille. This is being shared everywhere so many  more people can read and know it too. Thank you for adding so much value in your posts and in the SE blogging community. 

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