Are You Sure You’re Coachable?

Being Coachable means that you follow Directions….

Before you can achieve any type of success in your life, you have to first know deep within yourself that it is possible.

In order to succeed at anything, you must first be Coachable.   You must follow directions, you cannot hold back. You must give it your “all.”Are you sure You're Coachable?

It has been said that success is not a matter of luck, accident of birth or a rewarded virtue. It is in fact, a matter of decision, commitment, planning, preparation, execution and recommitment.

It will not come to you, you must go to it.

Video by one of my mentors:  Mike Hobbs

Video located here:

Being Coachable means that you are humble, approachable, attentive to directions, receptive, trusting, shapeable, curious, objective, trusting, committed and confident.

“Decision is the spark that ignites action.  Until a decision is made, nothing happens.”–Wilfred A Peterson

Important choices move you toward your goals. Urgent choices demand immediate attention.  Being “Coachable” involves reducing urgent choices to a minimum and concentration on important choices.

So:  Answer the question?  Are You Sure You’re Coachable?

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Angela Valadez



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  • Thanks "all" Joan, Terri, Susan, Deana, sandy, Dustin and Merle.  Hope you all have a "Blessed Day."  Great Feedback.

  • Great post Angela and yes we have to know what we want and believe in ourselves.

  • Great Post Angela

  • This is such a good post, Angela.  I love the quote that “Decision is the spark that ignites action.  Until a decision is made, nothing happens." But, as Terri says you can make the wrong decision like deciding to procrastinate. We have to be ready to follow our mentor's lead.  I'll share this!

  • Great post Angela! I agree, we need to know that we can achieve success and that it is possible!

  • Top Blogger


    Great post lady :) and very to the point I like that! I know many marketers that could not care any less if people are coach-able they just want a body to sign up. What they don't seem to get is if that person is not coach-able and won't listen doing the things they need to do they might as well sign up a tree!

    Great post thanks,


  • Top Member

    I agree with this post Angela. Making a decision and taking action is what will make things happen for you. On the flip side, when you procrastinate on everything, you have made a decision to do nothing. This will lead you no where and this means you will not be coachable. I have shared this for more to see Angela. Keep up the great writing.

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