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Ask and "Ye" Shall Receive

Ask and "Ye" Shall Receive 

There are those I have met that will grumble at this verse. They will complain that they asked and got nothing. In which case many see this verse as bunk!


Let me assure you this IS NOT bunk. This is the 100% gospel truth like no other truth.

Many times our prayers are answered. They might not be answered in the time frame that we want, it might not (be) the answer we wanted but he does answer. There are times that God answers us by not answering us.

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  • Amen Terri!

  • Top Member

    Words of truth Timothy. Anyone care to say Amen on that.

  • Its not always right away,but I have found with time we get what we ask for in Gods time not ours.

  • Thank you for sharing Susan.

  • Top Member

    Oh yes God answers our prayers. Thanks Susan for this post. Definitely shared this so more can read it too.

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