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Being Kind Why It's Hard


Many think that being kind is easy to do or, that some people are just plain born that way. This is such a misconception in thinking. We by virtue of our makeup, are not a kind species.  We are self-righteous, argumentive, sinful, prideful, self-serving and more. These along with the unnamed bad qualities we possess are counterproductive to being kind. Being kind at times takes work, there are times we want to be right and have to decide to be kind, that's not an easy task for us as humans. It is true that some people are more empathetic than others but we all have within us the ability of kindness even when we might have to dig around to find it within us at times. Look for yours and use it because it's a gift from God and it is one when used will improve the world!

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    Susan I agree with your thoughts in your blog posts. Jesus set the perfect example of kindness and humility. After all he imitated God the Father and we should all be kind to one another. 

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