Being the Guardian of my Thoughts

The Daily Meditation 06.24.2013

Being the Guardian of my Thoughts

Jan0305-198x300.jpg?width=139“Therefore, there must be not only the possibility of choice; but the liability of experiencing that which is chosen.” 

“Science of Mind” Page 144 P1

As I prepare to write this post, I am reminded that our thoughts are things. What does that mean? We learn in “Science Of Mind” that everything in the Outer World must be begin with Thought. That is the only way that our Outer world becomes solid is through our thinking process. This being the Truth, it also means that it is my responsibility to be in charge of my Thoughts. My thoughts are directly reflected by my Outer life.

So, if my Outer Life is not the picture that I want I must start at the beginning and examine the thoughts that I am thinking. Am I thinking Lack instead of Abundance, Hate instead of Love, Confusion instead of single thought Clarity and I must keep asking myself the questions to find the root thoughts that are manifesting that which I don’t want.

If I am honest with myself, I will find that my thinking is clouded with worry, with a lack of faith and belief. The great news is that I am never lost. I can always think differently! I can always think about only that which I truly want to reflect in my Outer Life. What a comfort that is!

Being the Guardian Of My Thoughts

I recognize that God is the only source of all things that we see in the Outer.

Therefore, I am a part of God. God thought me into existence. How cool is that?

As I experience this Life for God, I know that all my thoughts manifest because the Law of God must act on those Thoughts.

My responsibility is to be the Guardian of my Thoughts.

Every day, every minute  I only think about that which about that which I want to manifest and have in my Life.

The Law is acting upon all my Thought as it must.

I am so grateful for knowing that Thought is always the beginning of all manifestation.

I give thanks that my thoughts are clear and there is no confusion.

These Thoughts manifest in the Outer with Abundance, Love, Joy, Happiness in my Life.

I thank God and say, “And So It Is”


Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  • Great post Richard and very inspiring.

  • Excellent article on being the guardian of your thoughts Richard.  It's so very true since those very thoughts become things, either negative or positive and it's up to us to learn to think correctly.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thank You to all for your comments. I am so glad that the post was helpful. May we all be guardians of what we are thinking, always!

  • I've been studying the power of training my own thoughts more and more as of late,I believe this key to greater success and joy in life.Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome, powerful message and a great way to start my day. The tweet birds will get off to an early start also as they have received your message. Enjoy the journey

  • Active Member

    The responsibility is upon us to train our thoughts to the positive side because our thoughts touch so many.

    The wonderful part is Richard like you said we can control those thoughts.

    Great post,


  • Great post Richard. Very uplifting.

  • Top Member

    Excellence is what this is Richard. Thank you for sharing this, an awesome way to start this Monday. Sharing this for sure everywhere.

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