Bizarre October Holidays

I am posting my list of bizarre holidays late this month.  Since we’re already halfway through the month, I’ll only post those for the second half.  It is a very busy month. 

10/15--Grouch Day

10/15--White Cane Safety Day

10/16--Dictionary Day

10/17--Gaudy Day

10/18--Chocolate Cupcake Day, which coincides with Menopause Day

10/19--Evaluate Your Life Day

10/20--National Brandied Fruit Day

10/21--Babbling Day

10/22--National Nut Day 
10/23--National Mole Day – Hmm. Are we celebrating the animal or those on our body? 

10/24--National Bologna Day 

10/25--Punk for a Day

10/26--Mule Day

10/27--Cranky Co-Workers Day

10/28--Ugly Pick-up, Plush Animal Lover's & National Chocolate Day – This will be a busy day!

10/29--Hermit Day

10/30--Haunted Refrigerator Day & National Candy Corn Day

10/31--Increase Your Psychic Powers Day & National Magic Day

 I always find these holiday acknowledgements fun.  I hope you do as well.

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  • Thank you all for your feedback.  LaVerne, 10/18 is my favorite as well!

  • WOW ! Julie quite a bit of never heard ofs. Interesting article love Oct. 18th LOl!

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    These are so funny lol I never knew! lol

  • First time I have seen this but gave me a little giggle. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yep they are quite bizarre. I didn't realize they existed and thanks to you Julie, now I know they do. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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